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The left is on a calculated lie campaign against a legally elected president they never thought could win–until he did. and they can’t figure out WHY he won, even though it is obvious to people who can THINK, and have a modicum of INTELLIGENCE. They thought Hillary was a “shoo-in” because “the fix was in,” but she was such a terrible candidate, and a socialist, too boot, and didn’t even bother to campaign in some states where she thought she had them tied up. Voters were incensed at the way she and her henchmen screwed Bernie Sanders out of the nomination by creating “super delegates” to guarantee she would come away from every primary with more delegates, whether Bernie won the election, or not. They hatched up their usual phony “sexual harassment” scams against Trump (and they continue beating that dead horse today), and are now down to calling him names and making up stories about how he watched 8 hours of TV every day and is “semi-literate.” I have the TV on at my elbow every day, all day, usually on Fox News because the other news sources are not dependable.

The liberals LIE, and they swear to it. Fox tells BOTH SIDES of the story and are VERY reliable, whether or not the left believes it That doesn’t mean I’m WATCHING it every minute, but if anything important happens, I’m instantly aware of it). Yes, Trump may have the TV on all day, as I do, for the same reason. But he is NOT sitting and ONLY “watching TV.” They tell false stories about Trump’s sanity, based only on their OPINIONS, without a shred of clinical proof. If he was “semi-literate,” how would he have been able to accomplish the things he has accomplished, in just a year, without the help of a SINGLE Dumocrat? All they have is their IMAGINATION, and that’s what is at the bottom of all their accusations. On gun control, for instance: after the Florida school shooting, they gave him hell about not supporting their USELESS, and INEFFECTIVE gun laws that do nothing to STOP gun violence, and only CONTRIBUTE to it by disarming the law-abiding, leaving them DEFENSELESS against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns out there. Trump knows their laws are USELESS, and thus does not support them.

But that doesn’t mean he is not working on REAL solutions to the violence that is out there, “gun violence,” or not. One congressman was heard to ask a question the anti-gun fools cannot answer. He asked, “Show me ONE law that would have prevented a single mass shooting?” They just keep on LYING about Trump, hoping at least ONE LIE will “stick” and they canuse it to “get rid” of Trump. A forlorn hope, to be sure, but it’s all they’ve got. Bob Mueller, who was appointed Special Counsel to PROVE the “Russian connection,” has, in more than a year, found NO PROOF of ANY such connection and has now indicted 13 Russians on minor “crimes” UNRELATED to Trump, so he can CLAIM success. They still “flail about,” beating that “dead horse,” hoping to come up with something, ANYTHING they can use to “torpedo” Trump, with NO success. And that will continue for at least the next 8 years, if I’m any judge–and I am.

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