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Will you all please focus. We, every country, every person in the whole world is being dragged down. The main tool is socialism in its original, Marxist form. The structures used are communism, fascism and globalism.

It affects the education — we are trained to accept becoming more average instead of more good. Average always works its way down. The best of the best, the common good, always works its way up.

It affects worship — we are being trained to accept the most violent and restrictive religions instead of the most accepting, and tolerant (in the original sense of the word, forgiveness for sins, not impunity for crimes).

It affects the government — we are trained to accept the most intrusive and restrictive government instead of the least intrusive and most limited government.

It affects society — we are being trained to be lazy in our thought, defense and debate, accepting Alinsky fallacies, tactics and force instead of the best logic and reasining and we are trained to “dialog” instead of debate, so that we find “grounds for agreement” (the average between force and reason) instead of the best argument through reason.

It benefits only one group — those that emit and control money — the global usurers. All other groups, government, business, technology and society are harmed by the control exerted by the fraud of usury. (Emitting money from nothing based on the debtors debt, current down payment, and promises to pay, then charging interest on something where they take no risk.)

All of this is because we accept socialism. Socialism is a social theory, it is strong, it is consistent, and it is wrong from the start. Anything that starts from a wrong premise (axiomatically incorrect) results in the wrong conclusions.

Socialism has ancient roots, starting with Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, which was a defense of Altruism which became supported by churches, governments and finance as a way of making people rely on experts and not thinking for themselves. Then Hegel came along and based his logic of “everything is in the universe” art is in the universe, call that +A, garbage is in the universe, call that -A, so the logical conclusion is that garbage is just a poor form of art, hence we see “art galleries” filled with garbage.

Hegel gained popularity because an error, Hegel’s paradox, was adopted by Marx before it was debunked in Set Theory by Cantor. During the interval between Hegel’s death and Cantor’s debunking, came Marx’s theory of “scientific socialism” (Thesis, antithesis, synthesis — this aberration enabled the whole world to seek the average bad instead of the common good by saying the average between good and bad was “ideal.”

Listen, I know most of you think that this is theory and thus impractical, but theory, put in practice, is what changes the world, physically or socially. Consider the effect of putting E = MC squared into practice, and why we now have a weapon that could make humanity disappear. And atomic energy is a good theory, a theory of physics that can be tested. It is not wrong in principle.

But if a theory can’t be tested because it is a social theory that if put into practice will cause enormous social consequence, the effect is much worse. And if it can’t be debunked in time, it could make our humanity disappear converting us from beings that seek the best to collective beings enslaved by debt and part of the technological borg. And that is the best result. The worst is that AI will simply take over and humans will physically disappear.

It is happening now, and it must be stopped, by showing that the theory of socialism is bunk, a fraud and evil. Once the theory is no longer accepted, neither will it be permissible to change words and concepts to benefit the few at the detriment of many. We will not accept Shahira law — it is force and violence, not reason. We will not accept equality of results — it is the average bad, not the common good and benefits and protects only the collective — it destroys the individual rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — these are individual goals, they are not, and cannot be passed on to a collective such as big business, industry or banking. These are not individual, natural rights, they are privileges granted by government. These privileges, preferences, immunities and impunities must be stopped in order to protect rights of each individual.

Why are our statues being removed? Do we no longer share the identity or goals of the founding fathers? Do we no longer believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of the happiness that comes from trying to better ourselves and our lot in life? Why does the MSM get to decide that we must put the globe above our own country? Do we owe allegiance to the globe? No. We have chosen our country, or we were born into it and chosen not to go to another. Why are corporations imposing their political leanings on the people they employ? Do they no longer have a right to a personal opinion or do all personal opinions belong to the employer by virtue of their hire? If so, they are not employees, they are serfs.

All this is caused by socialism, cultural Marxism. And because of it our civilization is dying.

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