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As we heard recently, Donald Trump said he is vindicated in the illegal wiretapping of Trump Tower. Because he has the proof.

Dennis Montgomery, a CIA former contractor turned over to the House Intel Committee information from 47 CIA and NSA hard drives. Montgomery asked Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch to get the information to FBI Director James Comey. That was the dead end, Comey refused to investigate and buried Klayman-Montgomery claim. An intelligence agent-patriot did the right thing and it seems he might bring the Big Brothers house down …
Not so fast, easier said than done.

It’s an unwelcome task – to retell a saga. Larry Klayman has it all done in his Newsmax blog on Sunday, March 19, 2017. Please check it out – it’s an interesting story.

Klayman’s ultimatum to the Chairman Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee to ask Comey, under oath, why he and his FBI have seemingly not moved forward with the Montgomery investigation, apparently did work.

Chairman Nunes went public on March 24, with charges the Obama administration collected and spread information from surveillance of President Trump’s transition team. “There’s some information in those documents that concerned me and I don’t think belonged in there,” he told reporters at a press conference. He reasserted that it seemed that the information was still collected legally, and also expressed concern about the decision to unmask names.

President Donald Trump has a hero whistleblower to thank for vindicating him. Now, we know who he is and all the 600 million pages of classified information that he turned over to the House Intel Committee. The smoking gun evidence that he risked his life for is about to be made public, and it names the big traitors who ordered the spying on Trump.

Let’s hope that “Snowden 2.0” will not be forced to seek asylum abroad.

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