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Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg continues to try to make himself relevant again. This time he did so by implying that President Trump might have had a little help from the Russians in his 2016 election victory.

“In the end, we’re a democracy. The public has spoken, whether you like the results or not. And other than with a little help from the Russians, he was elected.”

Here’s the thing. There is no evidence that the Russians did anything to sway the election, and there is no evidence that President Trump was part of the Russian attempt to do so. So why do liberals like Bloomberg (who is a liberal RINO), keep pretending that there is anything to the Trump-Russia stuff?

Even President Obama’s own Homeland Security chief, Jeh Johnson, says that there was NEVER any evidence that the Russians were actually able to influence our election AND there was NEVER any evidence that President Trump had any connection to the Russians.

Here is a piece of the conversation that Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) had with Johnson on Wednesday:

GOWDY: All right. At the time you separated from service in January of 2017, you have seen no evidence that the Russians were successful at changing voter tallies or voter totals?

JOHNSON: Correct.

GOWDY: At the time you separated from service in January 2017, had you seen any evidence that Donald Trump or any member of his campaign colluded, conspired or coordinated with the Russians or anyone else to infiltrate or impact our voter infrastructure?

JOHNSON: Not beyond what has been out there open-source, and not beyond anything that I’m sure this committee has already seen and heard before, directly from the intelligence community. So anything I’d have on that is derivative of what the intelligence community has — and the law enforcement community.

There is no “there” there when it comes to Trump and Russia. And that’s all there is to it.

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