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Obama Judges Bring The Judiciary Into Disrepute: Part II – The FISA Court

Chief Justice John Roberts blames President Donald Trump for objecting to the actions of Obama Judges. But Justice Roberts has done nothing to put the outrageous behavior of those Judges under control. He has not even recognized Obama Judges are acting as Democrat Party operatives; are violating the US Constitution; and that this brings the entire Judiciary into disrepute.

Why was a Special FISA Court created?  To permit the Federal Government to use the massive power of its Intelligence Apparatus against foreign individuals and governments in secret; and to obtain search warrants based on those secret searches; without any opportunity for the accused to be heard.  These unconstitutional actions had been permitted only because of an assurance that the FISA Court would deal solely with foreign spies or their agents.

However, the FISA Court has failed miserably in doing its job of protecting the many Americans who have been subject to secret searches in gross violation of their Constitutional Rights. Even local state police have used secret searches to surveil American citizens. Defense Attorneys know this; threaten to expose these secret programs; and thus, prevail upon prosecutors to drop charges.

An egregious example of this type of Constitutional violation was undertaken by Obama and Democrat Candidate Hillary against Republican Candidate/President Trump. The FISA Court has permitted Federal DOJ & Justice Dept officials to blatantly lie to the court and has not done anything to punish them.

It was High Treason; a massive Conspiracy involving Senior DOJ, FBI and State Dept officials like Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Paige, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente, Rod Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr, his wife Nellie Ohr and Jonathan Winer; British & Russian Intelligence operatives; Hillary fixers like Sydney Blumenthal; Registered agents of Russia like the Podesta Group; muck raking company Fusion GPS and their cohort former British spy Christopher Steele; FBI Spies Stefan Halper, Joseph Mifsud and Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer; and even late Republican Senator John McCain; all working in concert with liberal Media collaborators like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, Buzz Feed, Michael Isikoff and other reporters.

The Goal of the Conspiracy: to create the fiction that President Trump was a Russian spy, who was elected only because he colluded with the Russians.

The Tools used to Further the Conspiracy involved use of the mighty power of the United States – Its Federal DOJ, FBI and Intelligence services plus the coercive power of the Judiciary and the Justice System.

The Purposes of this Conspiracy:

(a) to delegitimize Trump’s election and justify the Democrats’ refusal to accept its results;

(b) to overthrow the President or at least, to sabotage Trump’s presidency and prevent Trump from enacting his Agenda.

(c) to cover up and obscure the criminal use of counterintelligence capabilities to spy on Trump’s Presidential Campaign, which was tantamount to illegal accessing of the opposition party’s confidential emails and conversations; exactly what Mueller has accused Trump associates of doing; and

(d) Finally, to harass, distract and prevent President Trump from exposing the various treasonous acts of the Obama Administration: the sale of weapons to the Mexican Mafia in Fast & Furious; the targeting of conservatives by the IRS;  the sale of our weapons to ISIS and of Stinger missiles to the Taliban; the theft of Stinger missiles during the Benghazi attack by Islamic Terrorists; the failure to prevent the death of 4 heroes at Benghazi;  the actual reasons behind the release of 5 Gitmo terrorists in exchange for a deserter Bowe Bergdhal; the Iran “deal,” where Obama gave the Iranian Dictators $153 Billion, and $1.5 Billion in unmarked cash, in exchange for which America received nothing, not even a signed deal; the private email server through which Hillary did “business” with foreigners; the vast numbers of foreign businesses and countries from whom The Clinton Foundation obtained bribes in exchange for services that were provided by the State Department; the close connection between Obama, Hillary, her Campaign Manager John Podesta, and The Podesta Group, registered foreign agents for Russia; the actual Russian collusion by Obama, Hillary and the Heads of CFIUS who connived to sell the Russians 20% of our Uranium assets, vitally important to our national security; and the vast bribes paid – $145 million to the Clinton Foundation, $500K for a single 20 minute speech by Bill and other malfeasance. And finally, the almost total control of the Democrat Party by Muslim Brotherhood Operatives: Obama, Valerie Jarret, John Brennan, Hillary’s Huma Abedin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Imran Awan and his family.

The Start of the Conspiracy:  President Trump relied on a memo Rod Rosenstein wrote to fire Comey.  Rosenstein then claimed that Trump “obstructed justice” by firing Comey; and installed Rosenstein’s close associate Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor, to investigate anything and everything connected to Trump and hinder Trump in every way; including entrapping various Trump staff in perjury traps and jailing them. Rosenstein also induced AG Sessions to recuse himself and then, as Acting AG, he himself “supervised” Mueller.

How did they do it?

(a)   The CIA’s John Brennan and Peter Strzok created “Operation Crossfire Hurricane,” a plot aimed at President Donald Trump and the Trump campaign, long before Trump was even nominated.

(b)          Central to “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” was the creation of a “Dossier” on Trump which would then be used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump:  Hillary, who controlled the Hillary Campaign and the DNC’s funds, paid $16 million to Fusion GPS, using her law firm, Perkins Coie as a cut out. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer, to work with Russian Intelligence to find “dirt” on Trump, which they called a “Dossier” to make it sound more credible.  Andrew McCabe admitted to House Intelligence officials that this “Dossier” was the main source of information they provided to the FISA court to obtain secret warrants against Trump.  They fed this completely unverified “Dossier” to various media collaborators like Buzz Feed and Michael Isikoff, who created a media firestorm with their salacious tales of “Golden Showers:” that Trump, in some sleazy sex ritual, had hired prostitutes to urinate on a Russian hotel bed that Obama had slept on. (I still cannot fathom why, if this is true, Trump didn’t simply urinate on the bed himself!!)

(c)          They created various methods for the Hillary Campaign to illegally feed information to the FBI:  Just as they began work on the “Dossier”  in April’16, Fusion GPS hired Nellie Ohr; whose husband, Bruce Ohr, was a senior FBI official.  Ohr has admitted his wife Nellie fed him information from Fusion GPS, which he then provided to the FBI.  Meantime, Hillary “fixers” like Sydney Blumenthal created another “Dossier” which they fed through Jonathan Winer at State to the FBI.

(d)          They also inserted spies into the Trump Campaign to get “grounds” to wiretap Trump Associates:  The Media was fed leaks and chorused “Carter Page is a Russian spy!!” The FBI had ex-Senator Harry Reid write to the NY Times demanding an investigation. In fact, Page had graduated from the Annapolis US Naval Academy; was an investment banker at Merrill Lynch in London and its Russia branch; and had actually worked for the FBI!  Yet, a spy Stephen Halper befriended Page and based on his reports,  the FBI alleged Carter was a Russian spy and obtained Title I authority from FISA to surveille Carter Page.  “Title I” FISA surveillance of U.S. citizens is limited to America’s most dangerous enemies. It is the most intrusive, exhaustive and far reaching type of search, seizure and surveillance authority, permitting the FBI to look at and secretly monitor every scintilla of Mr. Page’s life.  All communication, travel and contact can be opened and reviewed.  This included the right to “unmask” ie disclose, any and all contacts Page may have made, including with other American citizens. Since Page worked briefly for Trump, this gave the FBI authority to surveille and wiretap Trump and his associates too.

(e)          They used 3 spies to entrap 24-year-old George Papadopoulos:  FBI spy Joseph Mifsud befriended the low level Trump volunteer, George Papadopoulos, and offered to supply him with Hillary’s emails.  Another spy, Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper, befriended Papadopoulos and offered an all expense trip to London, plus a $3,000 honorarium to give a lecture.  A third spy, Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer, aged 74, staying at Papadopoulos’ London hotel, invited Papadopoulos, age 24, for drinks; introduced a very attractive young female who distracted Papadopoulos; and got him drunk.  Downer reported back to the FBI that Papadopoulos acknowledged that the Trump campaign had Hillary’s emails. Voila! Grounds for wiretapping Papadopoulos!

(f)           They also used Natalia Veselnitskaya, who later acknowledged she was a Russian agent, to entrap Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner. Despite Media sneers to the contrary, they were already wiretapping the Trump Tower.  Veselnitskaya had a long-standing relationship with Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS.  In 2014, she had hired him to use Russian government propaganda against Bill Browder, regarding overturning the Magnitsky Act. Later, she worked with him on the Trump Dossier. Loretta Lynch, Obama’s AG, had issued her a special visa to enable her to enter the US.  On June 8, 2016, she had dinner with Glenn Simpson. On June 9, she attended a Prevezon court case with Glenn Simpson and then attended the Trump Tower meeting. On June 10, in DC, Veselnitskaya had dinner again with Glenn Simpson.

The mere fact that Veselnitskaya met the President’s son and son-in-law qualified them as “target associations” for law enforcement under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008.  This allowed Mueller to allege they were “colluding with Russians” and subject them to hours of interrogations and investigations. Leaks from Mueller’s office provided fodder for his Media collaborators to run another series of allegations about Trump’s “Russia collusion.”

(g) They unmasked other Trump associates and wiretapped them too:  Various top Obama officials like Susan Rice & Samantha Powers used their power to unmask and spy on yet more American citizen members of Trump’s campaign who had communicated with those previously subject to wiretaps.

(h) They then used this illegally obtained information to charge and convict Trump associates:

(i)They started with  Paul Manafort, who, since 2001,  had worked very closely with Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group which represented Russian Oligarchs, and Hillary and her State Department. Mueller put Manafort in solitary confinement; and revived a 10-year-old closed out charge, with which he threatened Manafort, to force him to squeal on Trump.

(ii) Another victim was Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, whose office they raided and whose attorney-client privileged files they purloined.

(iii) Michael Caputo, a Trump fundraiser, was another person interrogated, bankrupted and forced to sell his home.

(iv) Yet another victim was Roger Stone, a close Trump ally and an associate of his, Jerome Corsi.   To their credit, both Paul Manafort and Jerome Corsi have refused to accept the pleas; claiming that Mueller is demanding that they lie.

(v) The most egregious case was that of 3-star General Michael Flynn, with 33 years of honorable service, who had just been appointed Trump’s National Security Advisor. They accused of Gen. Flynn of lying about a routine conversation he had with Russian Ambassador Kislyak.  A mere 4 days after Trump’s inauguration, FBI agents requested a meeting to discuss the transition. But they were secretly interrogating Gen. Flynn; without any basis for doing so, or notice to him, or the presence of his lawyer.  Later, James Comey admitted to lawmakers these Agents found Flynn did not lie to them. Mueller knew this all along but didn’t disclose this to Gen. Flynn or to the Judge. Instead, he hounded Gen. Flynn until he was bankrupt, had to sell his home and ran out of funds to defend himself.  Mueller forced Flynn to take a guilty plea which included the very strange requirement that Gen Flynn would not challenge the plea deal under any circumstance.   It has since been revealed that Peter Strzok altered the FBI’s 302 notes to make Flynn look guilty; and that Sally Yates used the altered notes to induce President Trump to fire Flynn!!

(i)        In all these cases, Mueller, and his team 14 Democrat virulently anti-Trump lawyers, targeted close Trump associates.  In 2 years of exhaustive and very expensive investigations, they never found any evidence of “Russian Collusion” or any real crime. But they created “process crimes,” which occur only during investigations, if someone “lies” to the FBI.  Once he wiretapped someone, Mueller knew exactly what was said. Yet, he questioned and cross questioned them until they made some small mistake or forgot a 2-year-old email.  Then, Mueller pounced; charged them with “lying” and bankrupted them with further investigations, until they took pleas.

(j)            The credibility of the fake “Dossier” was greatly enhanced by late Republican Sen John McCain, (who regularly “crossed the aisle” to work with Democrats.)  He and a British Ambassador had discussed the “Dossier” in Canada.  Then, he had sent an aide to Europe to meet with British & Russian intelligence operatives and obtain the “Dossier.”  McCain claimed he had no idea whether it was true, or whether it had been paid for by Hillary. But, right in the middle of the campaign, “Republican” McCain handed over the “Dossier” to the FBI so they could investigate whether Republican Trump was “colluding with Russians!”

(k)          Throughout all this, the FBI was illegally and unconstitutionally leaking information to their collaborators, the Democrat Lawmakers and the Media.   MRC has recorded the media spent 1,000 minutes talking of Trump-Russia collusion and only 20 seconds of Hillary-Russia collusion!  Over 93% of the stories about Trump are negative. The non-stop drumbeat of accusations against President Trump alleging “Trump is a traitor;” “He colluded with the Russians;” “Russians hacked the elections” and other falsehoods; has resulted in 42% of the American Public believing that Russians voted for Trump to permit him to win!! (Nobody ever asks: Why would Putin, who got Hillary & Obama to give him 20% of our American Uranium, prefer to work with Trump? Or Why was Hillary working with Russia not “collusion”?)

The DOJ and the FBI have steadfastly refused to hand over material to Congressional investigators. The documents they did give, after months of delays, were heavily redacted and put in a top secret secure “skip” where only select Congressman are allowed in to read them; but not allowed take any notes or photos.  The sad joke is that DOJ and FBI had already disclosed a great deal of this same material to their collaborators in foreign countries, British & Russian intelligence operatives, and to their Media!

However, Congressional investigators were able to piece together that there had been massive violations and criminal activity on the part of DOJ & AG officials.  When Chairman Devin Nunez finally released his findings; Democrats like Adam Schiff howled, (and their media howled right along with them,) that Nunez had disclosed National Security Secrets and that people would die as a result. – Nobody died! In fact, they were covering up their own malfeasance!!  As a result of these disclosures, numerous top officials have resigned, been demoted or fired.

The FISA Applications had to be renewed every 90 days; precisely because they were targeting American citizens for unconstitutional surveillance.  Under penalty of perjury; Comey signed three of the FISA applications on behalf of the FBI. Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reportedly signed one and former Deputy AG Sally Yates, then, Acting Deputy AG Dana Boente and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, each reportedly signed one or more. The “Dossier” was the essence of the claims made by the DOJ & AG’s office to the FISA Court to justify FISA warrants.  But they never disclosed in either the initial application in October 2016, or in any of the renewals; that it was Hillary, the Democrat candidate, who funded the “Dossier” against Trump, the Republican candidate.

Worse still, none of the FISA Court Judges never asked a single question about who was being surveilled; or on what evidence the requests were being made.  Instead, they rubber stamped the applications. Thus, they authorized a gross violation of our Constitution – the use of the Federal Governments’ vast Intelligence resources; reserved for ferreting out the enemies of our country; by Obama and the Democrat Candidate Hillary, to wiretap and surveil the Republican candidate, Trump.  Exactly like America was a Banana Republic headed by a tin pot dictator!

The Court could see from Devin Nunez’ and Charles Grassley’s investigations that the FBI & DOJ had lied to their FISA Court to obtain the wiretaps.  They could see that Special Prosecutor Mueller had absolutely no legal basis for his witch hunt against Trump.

They watched for two years as Trump associates, whom the prosecutors knew were innocent, were charged with felonies based on minor mistakes made during interrogations; investigated, bankrupted, jailed, put into solitary confinement; and treated like they were members of a criminal gang.  They watched the Trump Presidency being hamstrung from doing its job. Trump himself being constantly attacked. And the whole country being thrown into turmoil.

The FISA Court could easily have released the FISA applications to prove the lies and the frauds upon the court.   But because of their blatant bias for Democrats and against Republicans; they did nothing.

Why has Chief Justice Roberts done nothing to disbar and penalize those attorneys in the DOJ and AG’s office who lied under oath to the FISA Court? And done nothing to penalize the FISA Court Judges who failed utterly in their Constitutional responsibilities?

And why is Chief Justice Roberts taking umbrage that the entire country has now realized that these judges are biased Obama Judges, working as Democrat operatives and not for the American people? It is not President Trump, but these Obama Judges who have brought the Judiciary into disrepute!!


Rohini DeSilva, Esq.

November 29, 2018



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