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Well, that didn’t take long! It wasn’t but a few hours after one Muslim terrorist/gay hater entered a gay night club and began killing people. He called 9/11 and swore allegiance to ISIS DURING his killing spree. Soon after, the various politicians began to speak, led off by President Obama, who called it “terrorism,” but nowhere did he mention that it was done by a MUSLIM who swore allegiance to ISIS during his killing spree. He complained about how easy it was for that fool to get his guns, not mentioning the fact that, until he started killing gays at that club, he had NO record and, was thus not constrained from buying guns.

Then the rest chimed in, and it ceased to be about a crazed who hated gays and HAPPENED to be Muslim, while Muslims condemned gays to DEATH in the countries they run. Politicians and other anti-gun fools everywhere whined and screeched about how easy it was for him to buy his guns, not mentioning it was only INCIDENTAL that he was able, since he had no criminal record, to buy them easily. There has been an outcry in recent years about the “militarization” of the cops, saying they didn’t NEED items like that armored truck that broke through the walls of that club and allowed entry, after the explosives they set failed to open the wall. I used to agree with that, thinking they were overreacting. But no more. With the “soldiers of Islam” arrayed against them, they NEED superior firepower, in even the smallest communities.

Nothing is said about how we have an “army” of fools coming here, AIDED by our president, who will not even mention the WORDS “Islamic terrorism. Much less investigate and remove it, effectively. He is not only ALLOWING thousands of Muslims in, most of whom young males of fighting age, with mostly NO old people, women, or children among them. No Christians (or not enough so’s you’d notice) among them either. Recently there was a report of 1500 or MORE allowed in with NO “vetting” in one month, with only 2 Christians among them. And where did they all go? Obama had them distributed among communities all over the states. There to live and make trouble by “being offended” by our everyday activities until they are called upon to kill people, as this guy was—even if he “called upon” himself.

So it’s NOT a “gun control problem. It’s a TERRORIST problem. More than likely this fool was not personally connected with ISIS, though he had had SOME contact with some radical Muslims in the past. The FBI questioned him TWICE in the past, when associates of his told them about his “terrorist threats” being made. But they released him, since there was no hard evidence that he would be a danger. You’d think his name would go on some sort of “watch list” after that, and his purchase of SEVERAL guns, including an automatic rifle, would have been noted, and investigated. But NO! The FBI “looked at him” and dismissed him as a real threat, which ended up condemning 49 innocent people to death. Nobody seems intelligent enough to know to set up systems to keep track of such people, even if there is no “hard evidence” against them.

Anti-gun fools see each and every such shooting as an OPPORTUNITY to raise more money and further tighten up our gun laws, so honest, law-abiding people cannot get guns to use in defending themselves against such people as this. Only the presence of one off-duty ARMED police officer kept this from having a much higher body count. That cop engaged him in a gun battle that diverted his attention from killing innocents for a while, and he managed to notify other ARMED officers and have them get there quickly, so there would be at least SOME guns arrayed against him. Then he barricaded himself in a bathroom with 15 or so hostages, stopping the cops for a while, before they were able to use that armored vehicle to break through the wall and kill him.

The emphasis on “gun control” takes it completely off keeping track of such people, who are usually KNOWN to their friends and associates, who should say something, which they don’t, as a rule. The Ft. Hood shooter gave off many signals before he went in and started murdering his fellow soldiers. Those signals WERE noted, but not taken seriously enough until people began to die. This guy was “investigated” TWICE, and released, and NOT put on any “no gun buying” list, while honest, law-abiding vets who turn their finances over to someone else ARE. You’d think there would be a “suspicious person” list that could send a message to the FBI when such a person like this buys a bunch of guns, so they can go and find out WHY.

It is INCOMPETENT politicians, who impose policies like that, who CONTRIBUTE to these outrages, but don’t confront them about it. They’ll laugh at you, and continue their “anti-gun” ways—while thousands of Islamic ”soldiers” bent on murder enter this country, with Obama’s help, using OUR money, to do exactly what this fool did, while those same incompetent politicians will continue whining about “gun control” every time they do, forgetting entirely that it is EASIER to get a gun ILLEGALLY than it is to buy one LEGALLY. As long as these incompetents are in charge, we will LOSE the “war against Islamic terrorism” (not Islam) we are fighting, whether or not we want to. Fight it. Not only that. “gun crime” among American citizen criminals will increase, too.


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