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As Joe Kernen of CNBC’s Squawk Box commented Wednesday morning to Governor Hickenlooper, “Government jobs do not pay for themselves.” This truism is ignored by big government central planners when they calculate and disclose the benefits and drawbacks to taxpayers of most all their grandiose promises to make life in America fair and just. They talk and talk and talk, lulling America into a forgetful poppy field sleep: where promises are always paid by someone else and never result in unintended consequences. That is why it is imperative every single spending and tax bill originate, really originate, in the House and suffer the scrutiny of two votes per state in the Senate for passage, before it is finally made subject to a President’s possible veto or veto override effort.

President Obama complains government is not working; that Congress is not doing its job of making sure his every proposal is passed and made into law. He then explains why it was therefore necessary he produce his “phone and pen” to do the work Congress failed to do, for the people. Every single solitary Democrat and Democrat wannabe in and out of office today senses they have the same “privilege” Obama has, to get their way when Congress, the states, or local governments fail to grant them whatever it is they demand in the moment. It is a Democratic Party “privilege” to shout, to be offended, to act the victim, to rally, to protest, to burn down buildings, to shoot law enforcement officers, and to vote multiple times, just so long as they get their way.

There are many more dangerous Democrats in America today than there ever will be members of ISIS. Social media does not have the power to create more ISIS terrorists than the number of Democrat terrorists we have already. Our government will never be able to elevate more ISIS members to positions of power than the number of positions Democrats already “Occupy.” And just when we thought there could be no greater example of “privilege” than Obama, along came Teflon Hillary. Then just when we thought there could be no greater example of “privilege” than Hillary, along came NeverTrump.

NeverTrump promises to inflict more damage on America than ISIS ever could, competing for the top spot against ISIS only with Democrats whose mission is reportedly to destroy the very structure of our Republic. In contrast ISIS only kills and maims people. Because they cannot let go of their three dimensional view of the universe NeverTrump has weirdly resorted to what the late Mario Cuomo would call a “mission to repair the universe” Repair the universe? Doesn’t that describe the work and mission of Democrats, to make right everything God and His supporters got wrong, including the very founding of this “it never was great” nation. Or are Democrats the only pols intent on repairing the universe?

Imagine a NeverTrumper living in a two dimensional plane, a flat surface with nothing above to be seen and nothing below to be seen. All he is able to see is what is contained in the plane itself, whether it is other creatures like and unlike his self, furniture, planets, the void, or whatever. Before casting all this off as pure rubbish (as for impure rubbish; that is for a later discussion) consider carefully we in our four dimensional universe see everything in 3D. Back to his simple, plane life. A NeverTrumper might notice occasionally someone or something he saw a moment ago has vanished. Did it die? Go out of existence? He also notices new beings and objects appear, as if from nowhere. To GoTrumpers the NeverTrumper is a three dimensional curiosity living in a two dimensional plane.

To a three dimensional NeverTrumper, an individual from a four dimensional universe must seem like God. Imagine Donald Trump visiting the NeverTrump universe: appearing, disappearing, only to reappear again; as if he was born, died, and was raised from the dead. The Donald explains to him, “The furniture didn’t disappear. It still exists. You just can’t see it.” “The flat line in front of you didn’t change color; it is a round children’s top painted with four colors, spinning, causing you NeverTrumpers to think it is changing color.” “The short yellow line to your right is the cross section of a cylindrical pencil with an eraser at one end, the eraser end of which you will never see unless the pencil falls from the author’s hand.” And “No,” Trump will explain, “I existed before you saw me and will continue to exist after you see my back. You have not seen me as I am, but have only seen the parts of me I have chosen to reveal to you, over time, in your limited universe.”

Time explains such changes of appearing and disappearing in both three and four dimensional universes. Just like God (at home in a five or more dimensional universe?) keeps track of objects and individuals Trump sees only glimpses of when they pass through his observable universe; four dimensional creatures can keep track of objects NeverTrumpers only see glimpses of. The GoTrump can observe a candidate’s movements, account for his transformations over time, and are more ready to support them while they remain in view as viable candidates. Realized opportunities for the NeverTrump are rare in their three dimensional universe. Without visible signs of their arrival, opportunities and candidates alike are sure to pass out of sight too quickly to be caught.

The Republican National Convention is over. Ted Cruz will not be the nominee. Yet NeverTrump fights the party’s nominee because they claim the universe got it all wrong. GoTrump can only imagine what desperations three dimensional beings will resort to for the purpose of regaining what has been lost. Perhaps from their vantage point the only hope, the only prayer of success NeverTrump possesses is to repair the universe just like they have observed Democrats repair the universe (not ever allowing a catastrophe to go to waste) because that is what they must necessarily do to resuscitate the Cruz campaign turned invisible.


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