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@POTUS has no clue what he’s talking about! America is a DISASTER. The American dream’s dead! We don’t win anymore & NEVER WILL!!” The most arrogant words from the most egotistical idiot of current politics, Donald J. Trump.

How can a person who states that he “loves” America have uttered those words? America will never be great again and is not great? America today, at its lowest point in decades, is still greater than the second most admired country. The reason is the freedom that America still has left. We need a non-egotistical non-monarch to be our next POTUS so that we can once again enjoy the freedoms that America was built upon.

I understand that the problem Ted Cruz had during the GOP convention, and it was not his refusal to violate his principles and values, but that he made the world, and the Trump family realize they violated or have no principles and values. So if telling people to uphold the Constitution, and the freedom it affords every American, and for each individual to vote their conscience is anti-Trump, what does that really say about Donald J. Trump? That he has no values, does not uphold the Constitution, and has no morals?

I do not for one moment believe that Donald Trump is a Republican. IT does, however, seem that all of his family and supporters like to blame those with morals and values, but if we recall Donald stating that you do not need to ask for forgiveness, while easily insulting, bullying, and doing whatever egotistical, bullying item to get himself in the spotlight, or make a buck at another’s expense. Donald’s campaign is all about DONALD J. TRUMP, and his personal gain.

I will not vote for Donald, nor will I even contemplate supporting the criminal Hillary. This year, if there is no other viable candidate, I will write in the only true Constitutional Conservative, and his running mate, the only true worthy Lady to be near the white house who is , or has run, Carly Fiorina.

Not one speech, not one rally that Donald has been a part of, would I want any child or grandchild of mine to ever hear, see, or be a part of. I would be so disappointed in any child who would utilize the tactics of Trump! I want a President that is a real commander–in-chief and respects law and order while upholding the complete Constitution. I want a POTUS who stands on values and principles, provides true substance in the words they speak and takes the time to think through those words, realizing that each word could have a very detrimental effect on others if spoken incorrectly. Donald J. Trump portrays none of these values, in fact, he is the ultimate antithesis to these and is a true embarrassment to America, and the great state of New York.

I love this country so much, from the time I was old enough to recite the pledge, to today, that it saddens me greatly while frustrating me severely that there is no candidate currently running in the two main parties that I would consider POTUS, Commander-In-Chief capable.

As I write this, I realize the #trumpleweeds “Trump Supporters” will come out in droves and call me Libtard, non-Christian, or me not voting is giving the election to Hillary. The sad thing is that Donald had the opportunity to make something great. He had the opportunity to not only espouse the frustration of Americans, both conservative, and liberal while including the middle of the road supporters with a message of love, hope, and determination. He did not. Donald chose to show hatred, arrogance, lies, and bloviating. Donald destroyed the real opportunity to making a significant inroad for non-politicians to run for higher office for his own arrogant, egotistical, psychotic pleasure.

Donald is his own worst enemy and his own worst public pundit. He lies 80% of the time, then has the audacity to call another a liar? He has had as many criminal charges against him as Hillary, and he has paid millions to cover fines for those crimes. Donald insults women beyond anything that is acceptable when you respect other people, and he and his family state that he is not PC. No, he is not intelligent enough to understand the difference between respect and PC. To respect women is to not state they have blood oozing out everywhere, or call any woman a fat pig, or not respect a mother who is feeding her own child. That is just a sick man who cannot respect women enough for that. Donald marries foreign women so he can abuse and control them. IT is evident when a man so ugly internally has very beautiful, inside, women to marry him. His family is as ignorant to reality as Donald is. They defend his violence, his crimes, his lies, and his hatred of others as just politics. Really? Then why didn’t Mitt Romney use that approach? Why didn’t Ronald Reagan use that approach? Why didn’t JFK use that approach? Because they had respect for their other fellow humans. Something that Donald not only cannot show empathy but cannot fathom the day to day struggles of a family attempting to survive on $30,000.00 a year. No Donald is blind to reality but arrogant beyond imagination.

Confirmed years Trump paid no income tax: 1978, ’79, ’84, ’91, ’93 @realDonaldTrump. This is respect for America? This is from a rich billionaire? Does he pay no taxes? Trump is seeking to bring in 78 more servers, housekeepers, and cooks for his Mar-a-Lago resort and nearby golf course. The controversial guest worker program allows employers to import foreign workers, but only when there are no Americans who want the jobs. This is showing respect to the American worker, and the American economy? While Trump’s Strongest Opponent, Ted Cruz Memorized the Constitution in 8th Grade and Defended It Ever Since!

No, Donald J. Trump is not POTUS material, but for the Egomaniacs Anonymous Club he could be the president and fellow client. The arrogance of Trump will finally destroy the GOP, destroy any chance of the Republican Party keeping the House or Senate, and destroy the opportunity for Conservatives to have a voice in their country. With that much arrogance, one would think he would at least try to be a man, and not a spineless jellyfish, just stinging without a brain or purpose.


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