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It is perplexing to understand all the resistance to the results of this election. The majority of the Republicans are delighted and the majority of the Democrats are resigned to the loss. The Progressives and the “#never trumpers”, each in their own way, opposed everything they thought Trump stood for and said, but there was a big difference after the election. While some of the “#never trumpers”, changed their mind, most just simply disappeared. Not so with the Progressives. Some got their minions to riot in the streets, causing all sorts of destruction. Those who could write started a hate campaign aimed at who knows what. Others just went back to what they were doing, resolved never to accept the election or the new president.


This hatred and bigotry is deeply personal; it isn’t because of Trump’s policies. No one could object to him bringing jobs back to the country and strengthening the economy. The failing and poorly planned healthcare system is on its last legs, and he wanted to repeal it and replace it with something that actually worked and was affordable (where did I hear that word before), before ObamaCare collapsed, leaving us with nothing. The last three presidents knew that our immigration system was a mess and did nothing, knowing it couldn’t be fixed before the boarders were secure. Trump pledged to fix our inner cities and make things better for the black population. “What did they have to lose?” He even wanted to fix the school system bogged down in bureaucracy and cronyism. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who would object to any of these, unless they had something to gain from keeping things the way they are.


No, it wasn’t his policies. It was him that they didn’t like; pure and simple bigotry. Few had ever met him or talked to him. There are lots of people we don’t particularly care for. Many Republicans don’t care for Hillary or Barak for that matter, but they do not have the visceral hatred that we see from Progressives. Where did all this hate come from? Certainly the media helped spread it, whipping it to a frenzy. But they didn’t originate it. It wasn’t even his personality, they loved him as a TV star. Well maybe they were entertained by him. Love is perhaps too strong of a word. No, the Progressives were offended by him, for he made fun of their precious ideology that they hoped to force on all the deplorables, but for some mysterious reason the deplorables didn’t like that ideology.


Middle America didn’t want to be forced, either by PC or by law, into a new golden age of progressivism. They knew what marriage was and it didn’t include gays and they didn’t want it changed. They were repulsed by the killing of babies. They wanted their privacy, in the homes and in bathrooms. They didn’t want their life to change, it was fine the way it was. While being the most generous people on earth, they didn’t want to be forced to support those too lazy to work. They also didn’t want to be invaded by those south of the boarder, from the middle east, or from Canada, for that matter, except in small controlled and handpicked numbers.


Progressives went ballistic because their stupid ideas were completely rejected, and they are stupid ideas. Will they give up on foisting these terrible ideas on the rest of the population? Of course not! After all, half a century ago was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and they are still clinging to these ancient ideas. Those ideas were bad then and they are still bad today, destroying our present society and any semblance of peace and unity.


They are truly revolting fascist totalitarian Regressives, a bunch of old white elitists, bent on bring down and transforming America into their twisted utopia, forgetting that they can actually contribute to the common, acceptable by all, good. Maybe they should learn a lesson from Middle America about tolerance and diversity, because normal Americans have put up with the intrusive progressive crap for a long time. Unfortunately they will probably destroy the Democrat Party in the process.


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