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I have recently watched a video that was addressed to me on YouTube (which is no longer public?) and the video was mostly the typical hater type rhetoric but then I heard a statement that really stuck out and grabbed my attention. The statement was “Mike why do you have to label yourself a Patriot, every American is a patriot.” 


This got my wheels turning and not in a what if it’s true way but a collage of thoughts that lead me to our Founding Fathers, LaVoy Finicum, Pete Santilli, the Bundy’s, American Veterans, our active Military, citizens that stand up and so many more. My opinion is no not every American is a Patriot. 


Let me point out a few reasons why I feel not every American is a Patriot. If this person’s statement is true our country would not be in the shape it’s in. Our country would not have unconstitutional laws, overreaching government, alphabet agencies. We wouldn’t be trillions in debt, we wouldn’t have our privacy invaded, be told how to raise our children, and we wouldn’t have homeless soldiers. 


To be a true Patriot one must be willing to defend our country’s freedoms even if it costs you your freedom or your life. You don’t have to be a gun owner to be a Patriot, you don’t have to be in the military to be a Patriot, you don’t have to be a man to be a Patriot, is anyone else following? 


Every American is a citizen  (or should I say corporation) but not a Patriot. So this leads me to my next point. If the person making this statement really believes that then she must consider that if every American is a Patriot, it would mean we would have traitors because there’s always an opposition. 


Now, a traitor by definition is someone who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty. Key words obligation and duty. As Patriots it is our duty and obligation to protect our Constitution from being infringed upon. It is our duty and obligation to protect and defend our fellow citizens when they are being oppressed. 


These are the things that our political prisoners are locked up for. They did their duty and obligation to the country just as our founding fathers had intended and also did. And it proves my point once again that not every American is a Patriot. So I suppose my final response and question to this woman would be “if every American is a Patriot that would mean you’re either a patriot or a traitor right?”


I would love to read your comments on this and tell me if you believe every American is a Patriot or not and why?


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