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It has been nearly a year since the murder of LaVoy Finicum by the FBI and Oregon State Police and even as we approach the 11th month anniversary of one of this country’s major losses, many social media parasites have come out of the woodwork pushing an agenda of Finicum either not being dead at all or that he was used as a Mormon blood sacrifice. None of these ridiculous propaganda pieces have any truth but seem to be more of the same old playbook that is being used to sway an audience of others to help push their agenda.

I have never had the opportunity to shake this great man’s hand nor the opportunity to sit down next to him and see his passion for freedom up close. What I have had the opportunity to do is to watch his videos, hear his message, and learn from him. The opportunity to be able to have conversations with his family including Jeanette (LaVoy Finicum’s widow) makes me feel as though I really got to meet him. The Finicum family is a courageous, strong, and loving family. Even though their heartaches, they remain vigilant in fighting for the same freedom that LaVoy so very much loved.

LaVoy Finicum was a man who stood his ground and was not shy about standing tall for what was right. The idiocy of those trying to destroy this man’s image of a Patriot and a great family and teacher have completely failed in doing so. In fact, LaVoy’s murder was an awakening call for thousands of people not just around the country but around the world.

The jury found those on trial for the occupation of Mauhler Wildlife Refuge not guilty on all charges. However, it was a bitter sweet victory as the excitement of those found not guilty still lacked one man walking out with them.


LaVoy Finicum was a Mormon and was very serious about his faith and his relationship with God. Once the public found out about this, few began a smear campaign on social media claiming his murder was a “blood sacrifice” and some even took it as far as saying that LaVoy was not dead and the whole thing was a staged event. When I began seeing this I was appalled and disgusted. My heart immediately broke for the Finicum family and from that point on I began standing up proudly for this amazing family. I will continue to do so with every inch of my being regardless of the flack thrown at me. I’d much rather have the attacks directed at me if the result is giving the Finicum family some relief.

In closing I will tell you not to engage with these people who are most likely paid to infiltrate, gas light, or they are extremely mentally ill and even though I will continue to fight, I will also pray for the heartless individuals who are pushing this propaganda.

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