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A member of my household occasionally watches “THE VIEW”, and if I happen to walk through the room I may stop for a few minutes to see what mayhem and madness is being made public by this panel of hard core Liberal ladies. Barbara Walters originated this forum. I thoroughly enjoyed it while she was the Host. But this current group has maligned the legacy of Ms. Walters, a popular member of the Media, who brought to the World very enjoyable specials and unbiased interviews.

Just what is it that inspires some to totally malign those that do not agree with them. These same people carry on about free speech, and about accepting all to our land no matter the color of the skin or the creed, or their legality of living within our Laws. And yet, if you are not with them in their choices, you are the problem; you are the outsider; you are the cause of all problems. Protests are aimed directly at you.

These folks, in my estimation, are the most hypocritical, biased, stubborn, lying individuals that God has put on this great Earth. Even when they are caught in their own lies and misinformation, they do not have the courtesy or the maturity to accept the possibility of another opinion being closer to the truth than theirs.
This ongoing separation, I feel, was started by our very own Government. Throughout the years of our Republic’s existence, more and more emphasis has been given to Party loyalty and differences. While this may be good when considered as friendly competition and approached in “good sportsmanship”, (if you will), over the passage of time this practice has morphed into a diabolical frenzy between rivals when campaigning for office, or attempting to legislate our laws.

One Party rule, of course, is unacceptable within our democracy. My opinion would be for a strengthening of the current Ethics Committee; possibly having non-political members, and being as a National Ethics Committee. As it is now, we have a scenario of the Fox guarding the Hen house.                                                                                                                          Even our Supreme

Court is strongly labeled as to Political preferences. We can no longer allow this. Our recent experience with getting nominations and having them accepted has gone beyond civil. The blocking of the last Justice was only along Party lines. This is totally inconceivable in my mind. To me it seems the Legislative Body is not considering or appraising the nominee according to his or her achievements and abilities. They are only going by Party affiliation. No matter what they may contend as their reasoning, it is painfully obvious the Party is the main influence. Anyone being considered for any position must be judged on their achievements, their record, and their experience.

I am quite aware that it is difficult to maintain a non-personal view when selecting anyone for a particular position. But I fear if we do not begin to practice separation of personal feelings and Party, we may be headed for a very hard fall as a Nation. Self-discipline is hard, but it is, I believe, the best way to save our Country. And it must start in our Government. Our Leaders and Representatives must be chosen according to their ability to do the job at hand.

The folks in Government only talk of bipartisanship, but, in reality they practice the opposite. Votes are won and lost according to personal feelings, or, as a swap for future alliances. There should be very strict regulations on Lobbying also. This practice is merely buying each other. Votes are purchased through “cash in pocket”, nepotism, lavish vacations, and various other favors.

Part of the reason for the anger and separation today, I honestly feel, is the election of a Businessman to the Office of President. There are a very many different protocols in each area. It is difficult for those who have been practicing for so long under the old accepted values, to understand and accept the new rules. And it has been rather hard for the incoming President and staff to get things rolling smoothly. This situation would be difficult enough as is, but we have a great deal of immaturity abounding here. Those in the Legislative Body have been so used to “policing” themselves, it is becoming increasingly hard to change overnight. Collectively they have been operating in the “Prodigal Son” scenario. They should not have power over their own salary and benefits.

Such things should be awarded by the citizenry.

Perhaps, from the current administration, a drastic change in protocol would be forthcoming; although I understand it would be very, very difficult to enact.

We can only hope.

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