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Christian Patriots and Constitutionalists have a duty to reject both! To reject the political goals of Political Islam and subversive Masonic globalism.

While Masons around the globe strive for world government, Islam is determined the establishment of an Islamic State is imperative for mankind. Both are incorrect.

Both also defy the Catholic Church. Masonry, by 1968, successfully infiltrated it and today the Catholic-hierarchy liberals follow the dark agenda of the Parisian Lodge, which congratulated Secretary of State Cardinal Villot on changing the primary role of the papacy – for centuries ruling on faith and morals – to implementing the Masonic globalist agenda (including the use of Islam as a de-nationalizing proxy group).

Islam calls the Catholic Church “an oppressive institution which tolerated no challenge to its spiritual authority,” a belief shared by subversive Masonry, which believes all religions are correct and that none have the only way. With this, of course, Islam begs to differ, en route to its Islamic State for mankind.

For centuries, the goal of Freemasonry is the rebuilding of the Temple. Ultimately it will bring anti-Constitutional world government. Its first 3 1/2 years are to convey a time of deceptive prosperity. Following this, very dark days are planned to bring the world pop. down to 500 million.

Since the early 1990s, Islamic control measures have been instituted by governments in that region. Muslims fully expect the destruction of their Al Aqsa Mosque to include violent and severe control measures, in retaliation to the Mason’s long-awaited Temple, also supported by Kabbalists and B’hai and globalist pedophiles around the world…

As you read this, Muslims challenge Masons in all levels of society. Within city governments, state governments (Masonry to this time has been known as the State Religion), national governments, even the Federal Reserve. Both Masons and Muslim are anti-Constitutional and de-nationalizing with their universal brotherhoods.

When Jared Kushner and Macron finally tie together Masonry, Islam, and apostate Christianity, the “time of peace” will have the longevity of a Kissinger peace treaty. Which means tremendous bloodshed will follow after a very short time. Nikki Haley, for all her excellent service and diplomacy and good points, should be thoroughly ashamed for endorsing the Soros-backed “Kushner Peace Plan.”

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