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“Civil war within a civil war” is associative of Shakespeare’s “play within a play.”

But that is exactly what’s going on in many city governments.

Muslims versus Masonry. Both are strongly to the Left, while having major clashes between the two in the daily running of our cities.

Longer-entrenched Deep State loyalists in municipal governments, Neo-cons and Democrats, are bipartisan Masons in their long-term corruption.

Quietly opposing this corruption – in many cases justified – Muslim engineers initially hired by city governments are often released before too long.

Muslims are hired into these positions as they bring their smorgasborg morality and anti-western, anti-Constitutional, constricted world-view, of sanctioning child brides, cutting off clitorises, and determined to one day make dhihimi (second class citizens) of their Masonic city-govt. peers.

This weekend, a Muslim engineer in city govt. Told Vigileaks all about it for over an hour. Here is one of several examples he gave:

“I was hired to assess areas of city govt. to recommend improvements. I soon found all employees were leaving at 3:15 every day, instead of 3, in a collective conspiracy to all acquire overtime pay. When I showed how millions of dollars per year can be saved, by returning everyone to 3 pm, I was ousted and my papers discarded.”

He added, “Over time, I showed them how, by doing this, they would save over a billion. They weren’t interested and I was soon out of a job.”  Here we see the quiet clash of civilizations, Deep State v. Political Islam with incrementalism toward Sharia…

“Same with roads and road planning,” he whispered. “The Masons have a cabal to maximize profits on the backs of taxpayers. My assessments showed them how to save millions, by extending the life of roads with better materials. They weren’t interested.”

So there you have it. City managers and employees, whether Democrat or Republican, leftist or neo-con, protect their profiteering interests through wilful de-sensitization to collective in-house corruption. Through political correctness, as increasing numbers of Muslims are hired, honest assessments are disturbing and overlooked.

This long-standing clash between Masons and Muslims is elaborated on in Islam and the Masonic World Order by H. Abdul Al-Dahir, published by the Gulf Medical Relief Fund. In it, one discovers why Muslims need to infiltrate and ultimately subjugate city-govt. Masons, as the route to achieving anti-Constitutional Sharia Law continues…

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