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Will our Representatives in Congress ever learn to leave their Politics at the doorstep, when entering their hallowed chambers to discuss, debate and act on the laws of our Nation, as reviewed and amended, whenever necessary. We have a great system, jealously admired by other Countries, with a “checks-and-balances” operation that keeps everything level. Or so we thought.

This system is what we must keep a sharp eye on. Too often our Representatives in Government work too closely with each other, to achieve their own personal agenda. i.e. ” … you support my bill and I’ll support yours … “. (kinda goes back to High School – don’t you think?).

Well now, wait a minute. I just heard that The House WILL NOT take a recess for the MLK Holiday if the Government is not open!!!!!!!

Did these folks not just have a two-week long vacation over the Christmas Holiday? While Gov. employees were out of work.

And did not a chosen few have a long weekend in Puerto Rico, supposedly for “work”?? Also attended by their supporters the Lobbyists?? While Gov. employees were out of work.

Was that not a ‘combination’ of work (?) and play (on the Beach)?

And about this MLK Holiday. I have always been somewhat dismayed that this holiday was used to replace a separate day for Abraham Lincoln. Now we celebrate our FIRST President and a Civil War President. NO! NO! NO!  Our First President deserves a day alone. Let Lincoln and King share a day. After all, they both reached notoriety for the same cause!

But I stray!

Are you not getting tired of this flagrant abuse of power by our Representatives? I am! And if you are not, then I suggest you go away and hide your two faces in the sand! And you don’t have to go to P.R. or Hawaii for the sand. We have a lot right here on our own Continent.

I see these “holier-than-thou”, righteous, self-absorbed, Gov. employees (yes, they are Gov. employees) joyously laughing behind our backs. Raising their glasses to each other every time they achieve some self-righteous policy. Or when they accomplish a win (???) over our President. Since when has this become a contest? I was under the impression they were all supposed to be working together for our safety and security; for our continuous goal of a good life of freedom, liberties, and rights to happiness. And yet, here they are, enjoying their ‘fun-in-the-Sun’ in Hawaii and/or Puerto Rico, while many of their staff members are sitting home worrying about the mortgage that keeps a roof over the heads of their children, or medical bills to ensure their health.

In my opinion, continuing with thoughts about our folks in Congress; do they not realize that they ARE INDEED employees. They seem to take on the air of arrogance, floating above the everyday citizen that pays their salary. The everyday man and woman who put them in this position of status and financial independence with their vote, and covers their expenses, including the best Health Care on the Planet! One gets the impression they have themselves so high above the Earth, that they have forgotten the life they had before Washington D.C.
We, the people, are reminded every day of these actions and attitudes; reminded by the many reporters and commentators on Fox News, and all the other “Fourth Estate”, including the “Leftist” Media, and anti-Trump folks.

But perhaps constant reminders will, one day, move the people to action. Talking about it, bringing to light the discrepancies, the criminal and anti-Constitutional behavior, will one day come to a head, and the people will finally stand up and say “ENOUGH”!
I pray for that day!!

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