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Trump brings world peace, Democrats curse him for unemployed soldiers

Yes, the people who curse soldiers as baby killing racist murderers would suddenly take up their banner if Trump made war obsolete by bringing about world peace.  It doesn’t matter what President Trump does, how great are his achievements.  Had Obama done what Trump is doing they would hail him as a god!  He actually helped Iran to nuke up while promising Russia to disarm the USA.  Regardless of the truth, liberals will always portray Trump as a fool and the Son of Satan.  As he proves that everything Democrats, RINOs, and NeverTrumpers all said was impossible to be possible the forces of darkness are becoming so unglued, so totally unhinged, and so incensed with rage that they are cursing Trump for all the good he is doing for America and the world.  The man who became a billionaire through his Art of the Deal is running rings around the Washington establishment and their sycophantic media propagandists.  Only the most closed-minded, delusional liberal can believe what the leftist media says when they declare Trump is destroying all life as the Earth blooms with the promise of mankind’s best future.

Similarly, you could see these headlines;

Trump cures cancer, liberals curse him for medical researchers out of a job.

As if there is no other medical illness they could research.

You’ve already seen this headline;

Trump creates economic boom, liberal Democrats curse him and give credit to Obama.

And you’ve certainly seen this headline;

Enraged Democrats say Comey should be fired.  Trump fires Comey.  Democrats curse Trump for terminating a righteous man.

Indeed, the same people who cursed Comey as a turncoat traitor because he exposed Hillary’s crimes, even though he exonerated her, and blamed him for her defeat, instantly turned to embrace him as righteous and above reproach when Trump fired him.  Their delusions that Hillary had already won by an epic landslide, and that Trump stole the election because Russians changed the vote, are only a part of their psychopathy.  Liberals have become so psychotic that they see support for Trump as cultish, but their blind adoration of Obama’s subversion of America as patriotic.  If Trump walked on water they would say, “Trump can’t swim,” and slander both him and Jesus in the same breath.  There is only one way to describe liberal leftist mentality – TWO-FACED!


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