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Special Counsel Robert Swab Mueller III is in the fight of his life.  Mueller’s case about Russian election meddling is evaporating.  The Special Counsel is battling to protect a secret that could explode his cash cow.  $20 million to date and the meter is running!

When Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian internet marketing companies, he expected they would ignore him, but he could claim having made “13 indictments.”  Major media has made the most of this, but enter, stage right, attorneys for Concord Management, LLC to enter a “Not guilty,” plea.  That meant Mueller has to show his evidence but it now appears he has none!

This is classic Robert Swan Mueller III tactic and we would think he would learn after the embarrassment of having lost every one of the 18 cases he brought against the Hells Angels in San Francisco with sloppy work that real criminal defense lawyers ate like a wood chipper.

“Bob” packed his bags for Boston, took on the Goddy crime family and put four innocent men in prison for a decade during which they proved they were innocent and won $115 million in damages thanks to “Bob’s” false chargings.  How he became the Chief of the FBI must be due to his high-born and educated place in the “Deep Web of DC.”

Mueller’s team is fighting tooth-and-nail to keep his claimed “evidence” secret by filing a motion claiming they could not comply with the defense’s discovery requests because,

“At a high level, the sensitive-but-unclassified discovery in this case includes information describing the government’s investigative steps taken to identify foreign parties responsible for interfering in U.S. elections; the techniques used by foreign parties to mask their true identities while conducting operations online; the relationships of charged and uncharged parties to other uncharged foreign entities and governments; the government’s evidence-collection capabilities related to online conduct; and the identities of cooperating individuals and, or companies. Discovery in this case contains sensitive information about investigative techniques and cooperating witnesses that goes well beyond the information that will be disclosed at trial.”  Clearly, this is Dark Web BS.

Another red flag is Robert Swan Mueller IIIrd’s claim of Russian interference in our elections.  Mueller’s indictment against 13 Russians alleged they spent $1.25 million on anti-Hillary election ads.  Political experts say they couldn’t swing one House race with that type of ad buying and why did RT TV have 13 commentators with all pro-Hillary?  Or, why should Russia be down on Hillary when they got 20% of our uranium ore production in perpetuity for $115 million to the Clinton Foundation where an audit showed gives only 6% to charity while the Clintons take 94%!

Russia has 8% of the world’s uranium reserve; we have 1%.  Their taking 20% or our 1% is an offensive move to strangle our nuclear supply which if Russia is hostile as Democrats claim, makes Hillary’s actions treason!

Mueller claims to know of  Russians running election interference campaigns so why hasn’t he indicted them?  If his office has evidence Russian agents are attempting to interfere in the mid-term election then he is obstructing justice!

Where no evidence has ever been presented, it has been accepted as an article of faith by the media and the American public, that Russians “meddled” in the elections.  But Mueller has not indicted any Russians for any such actions!  If they really existed why the DNC not cooperate with the FBI?  No public evidence supports the claim the Russians were doing cyber attacks in the 2016 Presidential election.

Mueller had no problem indicting Russians he claimed were behind the social media ad campaigns, so critics conclude the lack of an indictment for  email hacks confirms there is no evidence Russians were responsible.

The lack of evidence pinning the hacks on Russians has lead critics to say  Mueller filed a “show” indictment against Russian nationals and companies just to show he was making progress on the case where he is not.

It is now clear these indictments are a farce and Mueller’s motion is a desperate attempt to cover the fact that his case, in the words of the great Communist thinker Van Jones, is a “nothingburger.”

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