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Liberals have so much more great respect for Christian values, women, people of color, and the Constitution that one of them posted an article explaining how evil and heartless are conservatives.  He applauds the Obamas and Clintons for their “civility and family values.”  Meanwhile, Bill boards the “Lolita Express” and Obama praises Islam while telling Christians to pay for abortions.

The Daily Kos stepped in it when they published a piece by a leftwing-nut extremist who decided to express his opinion that Trump supporters are Satanic and wouldn’t even sign his name to it.  This is hardly the first time that atheists have told Christians they are not Christian unless they believe in the morality of atheists.  But it brings an opportunity for an object lesson in why the Church of Liberalism is built on a foundation of lies, corruption, and deception of the ignorant. Here’s the story if you’re interested reading the ramblings of a madman: Seven things I know about you if you’re a Trump supporter

Let me now take apart the misleading lies, distortions, and ignorance of this latest liberal rant:

  • “You (Trump Voters) want to be ruled, not governed”

“Authoritarians obey.  They rally to and follow strong leaders.  And they respond aggressively to outsiders, especially when they feel threatened.”

The obedient authoritarian is an oxymoron.  Authoritarians don’t want to obey, they want to rule.  They do not follow nor do they lead; they dictate.  Leadership has nothing to do with authoritarianism.  A leader is either strong and people want to follow, or they are weak and must rule by force.  Liberals confuse being leader of a country or a movement with leadership.  Stalin and Hitler were not strong leaders, they were strong dictators.  Obama has been a dictator ruling from the Oval Office with his pen and his phone.  Trump has been a leader whom people have followed.  Obama has followers, too, but they fit the description of the liberal’s definition of authoritarians far better.  The Left has always ruled by force compared to the Right that leads by guidance.  That’s why Obama and the Democrats want to shut down conservative radio and FOX News.  It’s hard to control people who are led to the truth.

  • “You (Trump Voters) have no class”

“Trump mocked a disabled person… and POWs.”

Observing Trump mocking people you will see him use the same hand gestures for everyone, so no he wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability, he was mocking his stupidity.  Same for McCain.  He wasn’t mocking POWs, but McCain who is a weak, ineffectual man, not a strong leader and hero.  Liberals who condemn Trump for mockery had no problem with Obama’s complete lack of class in mocking the TEA Party and Sarah Palin.  Calling patriots “teabaggers” is classy you say?  Does this ignorant lout even have the first clue what teabagger means?  It is a gamer term for a player who kills another and then squats down over his head to dip his balls into his opponent’s dead open mouth.  So classy!  Who was it that used that referred to Sarah Palin as “putting lipstick on a pig?”  Don’t tell me how noble you are when you’re laud one of the lowliest cretins on the face of the planet!  If you think Trump is uncouth, Obama is ghetto.

  • You (Trump Voters) are definitely not someone to do business with.

“Yes, all politicians lie, but Trump is obscene with his falsehoods… who has a long history of fraudulent business practices.”

No, all people lie, but not all people deceive.  The liberal record of Trump’s “fraudulent business practices” is a litany of leftwingnut misconceptions and falsehoods manufactured by the Hillary campaign.  Hillary says Trump is just a greedy man who isn’t a real billionaire that doesn’t pay taxes and wants all the wealth for himself.  She says that he’s going to give tax cuts to all the greedy millionaires and billionaires leaving the Middle Class to foot the bill.  If that were true then why are all those greedy rich people flocking to Hillary instead of to Trump?  On the flip side, Hillary has been nailed for deceptive practices, gross misrepresentations, and outright lies since she first came into Washington in the Watergate investigation.  And this self-righteous hypocritical liberal hack has no problem with her lies because she’s a politician and he thinks that’s what all politicians just do.

  • You (Trump Voters) are either a racist, or at best, have no problem with racism.

“(Trump) constantly complains that black Americans are violent and stated that Mexican immigrants bring ‘crime’ and are ‘rapists.’”

Don’t let Black Lives Matter riots and terrorist assassinations of police deter you from damning white people for abhorring criminals.  The liberal claim that protecting a nation’s borders against invaders is “racist,” because apparently only “people of color” want to immigrate to America or will cross the border illegally.  It doesn’t matter that Moslems and Mexicans are all Caucasians.  To a leftist they are another race because they are ignorant of what constitutes race.  In their ignorant guilty souls they seek to become subservient to foreigners who want to invade and subjugate Americans.  They want to pay reparations to the descendants of slaves in America even though nobody alive in America today has ever owned or been a slave.  Americans paid for their freedom in blood during the Civil War!  Blacks have been afforded protection from oppression and racism, given education and job opportunities, and they waste it by living off welfare, doing drugs, joining street gangs, raping, robbing, and rioting.  If liberals want to pay reparations to descendants of slaves then they can pay me for my ancestors being taken as slaves by the black Moslems of the Barbary Pirates.  And if any Afro-Americans want reparations for their ancestors being taken from their African homeland then they can have them in the form of a one way ticket back to Africa!

  • You (Trump Voters) have an issue with women

“Trump has brought a level of vulgarity that we have never before seen in national politics.

Let’s revisit those “lipstick on a pig” and “teabagger” lines once more and I’ll introduce you to your Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.  What was that you said about supporting a man who would refer to a woman as a pig?  How does Obama’s and Michelle’s black culture refer to women?  As b*tches and ho’s.  You wouldn’t support a man who used and abused women for his sexual pleasure?  Can you say Bill Clinton?  How does Hillary refer to women?  Remember Bill’s “bimbos” and “skanks?”  It’s not just Sarah Palin, but how have leftists refer to all conservative Christian women like Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Liz Cheney, and Pamela Geller?  And what about those liberals who called Condoleezza Rice Bush’s house n*gger and black whore?  Don’t try to tell us about how Democrats respect women.  They’re the ones who believe in Islamic traditions of Sharia.  As far as liberals are concerned Hillary’s Bimbo Eruption Squad never happened, and Hillary never destroyed the lives of a dozen women who were sexually harassed, used, and even raped by her husband.  Women who have dealt personally with Donald Trump all love him, even “Miss Piggy Universe” who didn’t have a bad word for him until Hillary paid her to speak out against Trump.  What message do you send to your children that you support the woman whose husband makes regular visits to Pedophile Isle with his running buddy Jeffrey Epstein?

  • You (Trump Voters) aren’t really a Christian.

OMG!  Did a self-righteous, hypocritical liberal heathen who believes killing babies in the womb and saving murderers from execution brings glory to his god just say that?  You who says we must take Obama’s word that he is a Christian just because he says so, despite his constant attacks on Christianity and support for Islam, but Trump is a liar if he says he’s Christian?  Have I got news for you!  No Republican is hailing Trump as a hero, as godly, or even as a good man.  What we recognize in him is the strength and tenacity to push back liberalism that is corrupting, perverting, and destroying America!  No one calls him the New Messiah like they did Obama!  No one is comparing him to Jesus or Moses like the liberals did their community organizer agitator.  When atheists or theists tell Christians what Jesus meant when he said whatever it’s a galactic joke!  If you think becoming a Christian means you no longer commit sins then you don’t understand Christianity at all.  We know what kind of man Donald Trump is, but we will not judge his Christianity because Jesus warned us against doing so.  But we can judge his sins, and his sins are minor compared to the deceptions and betrayals of the Obamas and Clintons.  We know Trump is not a conservative, and that he is not honest in all things, and that he is certainly not a saint.  But unlike liberal beliefs in the sainthood, even deity of Obama and Hillary, both proven pathological liars, deceivers, thieves, and destroyers who are wrecking America and stealing from Americans, and who would happily impose Islam on her people, Trump could well be America’s rescuer so long as he is 100% on the side of Americans and will stand against our corrupt government!

  • You (Trump Voters) don’t believe in the Constitution

“Yet you support a man who said the US government should shut down mosques, curb our First Amendment rights, and forego due process on people he doesn’t like.”

You think it is a violation of the Constitution to stand against Islam and Sharia law?  WTF is wrong with your brain?  Islamists are violating the Constitution in their desire to impose Sharia on America!  Freedom of speech ends where insurrection begins.  Islam has no place in the civilized world, especially in the land of the free!  Islam calls for Jihad on all infidels who will not bow to the laws of Muhammad.  America was founded on the freedoms in Christian principles and Hebrew laws.  Oh, that may seem conflicting to you, Mr. SemDem, but I’m sure you’ve forgotten that Jesus was a Jew.  Muhammad called for the execution of Christians and Jews after he conquered Mecca.  He sent his armies out to invade and conquer all his neighbors and “make the world Islam.”  Anyone who is even remotely aware of the barbarity of Sharia, and the depravity of Arabs and Moslems in the Middle East today, recoils in horror at the thought of submitting to the slavery of Islam.  For a bunch of anti-God bigots who would not have the Christian Church ruling America you are far too eager to bow to Islamists taking charge.

If Trump ends birthright citizenship it is long overdue.  America has been an established nation for over a century.  Liberals call conservatives racists for wanting to stop illegal immigrants from stealing into the country to take American jobs.  Birthright citizenship is the equivalent of saying if someone breaks into your house and pops out a baby in your living room that makes them family.  It is liberal logic, i.e. dysfunctional thinking by people who don’t understand right from wrong.  Liberals think they are morally superior because they are tolerant of perversion in multi-cultural corruption, but it is conservative Christians who welcome all who stand for righteousness into this nation.  Conservatives stand for the laws of this country, not the lawlessness of Obama & Co.  Everyone is welcome who will work with us and become an American.  Those who only wish to invade, steal, and impose the culture and values that they left behind on Americans are welcome to go back to where they came, and take these liberal fools who think they want the same thing with you.

Democrat says Trump Voters aren’t Christian, hate Women, and are Racists

Sharia has no protection under the 1st Amendment

Hillary song and dance


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