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Because Marxism is an ideology for dependencies and not productivity, it strikes individual values first. Entire families adopt the traits of parasites, thieves and con men. These traits have always existed in nature, but Marxism shows how to adapt and perfect these evil traits. Thus Marxism expounds evil. But the flaw in Marxism is that it also explains evil, and that is its undoing.

Because Marx himself sought to propagate his ideology, he did not want anyone to examine it closely, because within its very ideology is the mechanism for destroying it.

Marxism is a theory that propagates parasitic relationships, but its undoing is that it also explains it.

We can explain it best in an ordinary human interaction between client and professional. The socialist seeks to increase the dependency on the professional. In medicine pharmaceutical companies, in league with unscrupulous doctors propagate drugs that maintain, but do not cure to create addiction. In the legal profession, unscrupulous lawyers seek to hide legal knowledge from the client so that the client depends on the lawyer, instead of acquiring the legal knowledge needed to defend himself.

By contrast, those that seek value for value with mutual benefit and mutual independence, that which used to be and should be called capitalism, seek for each party in a transaction to provide a benefit in value for the benefit given. But the word capitalism has been perverted by the socialists to mean size, and not value. It is because they converted the word value into the word money. So, the more money, the more capital. That is simply wrong. The more value interchanged, the more capitalistic the transaction.

The dynamics of capitalism in a professional relationship is one of growth, for both parties, not the hoarding of wealth (in assets or knowledge). Hoarding wealth is characteristic of a stagnant system where protection of that which is acquired becomes more important than transacting to become more wealthy (in assets or knowledge).

Because Marxism propagates a stagnant system, bigger organizations become increasingly fearful of competition and thus increasingly socialistic. The practice of Marxism feeds upon this fear, which is in essence jealousy, and not envy. Jealousy is the fear of losing what one has acquired, envy is the lust to be what one is not. Jealousy leads to overprotection, envy leads to theft, both lead to violence when frustrated. Both jealousy and envy are fueled by fear of incompetence, which takes the form of fear of competent competition. Thus a Marxist tries to disinform, whereas a capitalist, in the old sense of the word, one who seeks to interchange value for value, seeks to teach and inform so that he continues to grow. The capitalist is bored if there is no competent competition because he cannot grow. The Marxist is fearful of any competent competition.

So, when a Marxist is frustrated, because of competent competition, he must rely on violence to stop the individual who is competing with him, because he is unable to compete with them directly. That is exactly why all Marxist attacks are some variation of ad hominem and ad baculum. Insults and fear is all they have to offer against competent competition.

So, the cure for Marxism, individually, in each person’s own life is to recognize the Marxist’s incompetence, jealousy, and fear, then, as soon as you spot it, recognize it for the toxic relationship to which it is or inevitably leads, and STOP DEALING WITH THE PARASITE.

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