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Although this suggestion is unorthodox (and perhaps ludicrous), and the defenders and advocates of Christine Blasey Ford will likely demagogue such a suggestion, it will likely play before the portion of the public which “doesn’t have a dog in this fight,” and is predominantly ignorant on things political.

That Ms. Ford ostensibly passed a polygraph doesn’t indicate who administered the polygraph, or under what conditions… Both she and Brett Kavanaugh should submit to polygraphs, today! Our guess is Judge Kavanaugh will submit, but Ms. Ford will not; moreover, Ms. Ford will have copious support from all quarters of the opposition to Judge Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS appointment. Let the public witness Kavanaugh’s willingness to be subjected to a polygraph test, and – we guess – Ms. Ford balk… This will score points among the uninformed Americans that the Judge is unafraid of the test, and indicate Ms. Ford’s previous test was rigged, and she is not being honest…

We suggest that the scheduled hearing for Monday 24Sept2018; if Ford shows she and Kavanaugh should be interrogated by prosecutors appointed by their respective political opponents, and of course with cross-examination… The hearings should be public so the public will not be “spun” by Democratic malefactors (yes that is a redundancy…) in their vipers in Press and various fetid social-political Lefties…

If Ford doesn’t show – and we bet she will not – then the nomination should go forward with a vote, but with a caveat to mute/silence or blunt the caterwauling – which will undoubtedly emanate from the Demonic-rats, the Press scum, and sundry wicked social-political Leftists – and to appeal to the innate sense of justice among the non-political. The caveat would allow Ms. Ford’s allegations be fully investigated by the FBI – as she and her attorney (and all Kavanaugh opponents) have demanded; both Kavanaugh and Ms. Ford would need to agree to the following: 1.) If the investigation proves her allegations credible Kavanaugh will have already agreed to resign his position on the Supreme Court (statute-of-limitations make Kavanaugh immune from prosecution…), and that would be the end of Kavanaugh as a SCOTUS jurist… 2.) If the allegations prove spurious then Ms. Ford will face whatever legal penalty (the allegations are in real-time i.e., current) which attends to making false allegations and publicly maligning another. Moreover, whatever legal penalties/actions – if any – can be levied upon any involved in advancing Ms. Ford’s allegations ought to seek to punish – as severely as possible – any and all involved in the smear of Judge Kavanaugh…

We bet that Ms. Ford, her attorney, all of the dung-beetles in the Demonic-ratic Party and their coven of vermin in the Press and Leftist cohorts, will squeal like stuck-swine…

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