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I can’t believe there are so many stupid people in this world.

This country.

Anybody with any degree if INTELLIGENCE knows that NONE of their useless, ineffective, gun laws do ANYTHING to keep guns out of the hands of people who want to use them for criminal acts. Yet people who seem to be otherwise intelligent persist in believing that taking the guns away from the law-abiding will stop those who obey no laws from getting them,

But the anti-gun fools are gaining ground, since that damned fool shot up a school in Broward County, Florida, and those misguided, ill-informed students started making noise about gun control, guided, instructed, and scripted by the anti-gun fools.

That the anti-gun fools are also FINANCING and organizing their “demonstrations” is obvious, but nobody makes that point. I commiserate with those students, but they’re aiming in the wrong direction.

Instead of trying to ban guns for the law-abiding, they should be fostering letting teachers and staff bring their already legally-carried guns to school so a shooter cannot know if, or WHO is armed and ready to “take him down” the minute he starts shooting, instead of waiting that “special few minutes” it takes for the cops to show up, with their guns.

Now after several store chains unilaterally stopped selling certain gins to people under 21, 21% of BANKS are now anti-gun, in their ignorance.

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