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Trump is a dynamo, Obama is a milksop.  Where Obama managed America’s decline, Trump is already re-energizing the American economy.  Liberals do not realize they are wrong on every subject and policy.  Trump’s Carrier success is the first of a thousand steps that will crush Obama’s hope to change America into a diminished global state.

Right now, Barack Hussein Obama is working overtime to sabotage Trump before leaving office.  If he can’t find a way to impose Martial Law and nullify the election, he’s going to take action to make certain Trump is not able to roll back all of the executive orders, Democrat regulations, and liberal policies that have hobbled America for the last ten years.  Don’t be dismayed by the leftart media falling all over themselves because Trump is saying he would seek Obama’s advice, wouldn’t prosecute Hillary, and not roll back the global warming policies of Democrats.  He is just blowing smoke up Obama’s arse to try to limit the damage, but Obama is already realizing he has been played as The Donald announces his Cabinet choices and they are all the best of conservatives – literally the TEA Party’s wet dream!

This is the difference between a true Republican and a real Democrat.  Republicans lie to try to keep Democrats from doing damage, while Democrats lie about the damage they do.  Democrats have spent the last ten years stealing the wealth from the Middle Class to give to their cronies on Wall Street.  How Trump is going to make this right without charging the people more is a mystery.  When you take more taxes from the rich they create fewer jobs to make up their losses.  Obama has given away trillions of dollars to people who want to destroy America.  Perhaps we need a war of conquest to recover what he has stolen and given to his foreign brethren?  This crap of rebuilding Middle Eastern toilets is for fools!

As Trump works to rebuild the American economy, Leftarts will do two things; one, say everything he does is doing damage to the country, and two, say everything he does that is improving the country was done by Obama.  It is leftart SOP – blame their own failures on others while taking credit for the achievements of others.  They did this during the Reagan presidency to try to take credit for Reagan’s achievements and blame him for what Democrat policies wrought as they did increasing the National Debt under Ronaldus Magnus.  The National Debt brought about by federal budget deficits has been entirely the product of Democrats and their policies.  There is not a dollar of debt that belongs to Republicans who are the only people who have balanced the budget in the last eighty years, once in the 50s and again in the 90s.  Democrat Congresses have always been the debt creators and blamed Republican presidents just as they blame Bush for the entire debt accumulated by Democrats in the last ten years.

Democrats increase National Debt by $13,000,000,000,000!

Leftarts think California is great and Texas sucks.  They believe California has a booming economy and Texas is crashing.  They have no idea that California is going bankrupt except for the tax money Obama took from Texas’ booming economy and gave to the thieving Democrats running the far left state.  This is why America is in decline.

Sanctuary California faces bankruptcy without federal funds

I admit I didn’t know much when I was in college and even voted for Jimmy Carter twice to my undying shame.  But jeez, how utterly ignorant and clueless are these kids that they think the murderous, thieving regime of Castro benefited the Cuban people who still live in the 50s!  Educate yourselves!

Clueless college students favor Castro over Trump

Trump is already improving America’s future before even taking office.  Where he goes from here remains to be seen, but hopes are high that he will do as he promised and regenerate America.  It is a certainty that the Leftarts will be gunning for him, smearing him, and hating him every day of his presidency.

Trump already making America great again

Petty Obama response to Trump

Leftarts tell Trump either resign, be impeached, or assassinated


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