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As an antipodean I have watched with a mixture of interest and disgust, the goings on leading up to the 2016 election of the USA President Elect. I learned so much about American politics and political parties during that time and I came to think that I understand Mr. Trump’s appeal.

Some may call him a clown, as did one online person in the comments section of a report that stated that Mr. Trump has probably angered China because he talked to the Taiwan leader on the phone. I thought the comment ‘funny’ because it implied that Mr. Trump must abide by the decisions of the Communist Government of China. That concept would surely make any American’s blood boil.

Today I also read an online report from the New York Times titled: “Trump’s Breezy Calls to World Leaders Leave Diplomats Aghast” written by Mark Landlerdec (Dec 1, 2016). That article too impressed me, not for reasons you might suspect, but for the hidden gems unwittingly put on display about American politics and King-elect Trump.

The first thing I noted was that Mr. Trump engages in, and I quote: “freewheeling phone calls with foreign leaders that has unnerved diplomats at home and abroad” – and – “unfiltered exchanges…dispensing with the usual practice of using State Department-approved talking points.” He even recommended to a foreign government who ought to be their new ambassador to the USA. Shameful!

The first thing that strikes me is that the King-elect simply refuses to support that most heinous crime against which the liberal progressives rage – the status quo. He apparently does this because he is not beholden to either the Democrats or the Republicans. But what I thought was most significant, was that has decided not to be a puppet for the office jonnies who work in government departments.

“President Obama benefited enormously from the advice and expertise that’s been shared by those who serve at the State Department,” Mr. Earnest said. “I’m confident that as President-elect Trump takes office, those same State Department employees will stand ready to offer him advice as he conducts the business of the United States overseas.”

It would seem that the King-elect is going make his own decisions based on the experience and expertise of those whom he trusts; not the bevy of politically motivated employee sycophants earning a salary irrespective of the outcome of their advices.

We all know that Political Correctness – the party trick of the progressive liberals – is about playing with words, and I noted in the Times article some particularly interesting comments about ‘signals’ – the trick of not saying what you are saying so that you can’t be blamed for saying what you didn’t say if someone decides to accuse you of saying something. (‘It’s not my fault he didn’t understand my meaning!’ – ‘Yes Prime Minister!’)

The article stated “and where the U.S. cannot afford to give wrong signals, given the history of misunderstandings.” Well excuse this antipodean for saying so, but isn’t it about time people began speaking the unadulterated truth. ‘Listen mate, this is my position whether you like it or not!’ is a much clearer communication that ‘I will consider what you have said and take it under advisement.’ (Translation: ‘No way Jose!)

The left leanings of the article writer were evident when he wrote: “At one level, Mr. Trump’s warm sentiments were surprising, given that during the campaign, he called for temporarily barring Muslims from entering the United States to avoid importing would-be terrorists.”

Sane people must surely look at Mr. Trump’s actions (and the comments about them) and wonder what the big deal is. ‘Hey Guy! Nice to meet you! Hope you are doing well! Sorry about not taking any of your refugees right now but we are concerned about terrorists coming in from your country,’ seems a perfectly appropriate thing to say. The writer’s position is unfathomable to me. How does he connect one matter with the other making either or both unacceptable? It must be something to do with his ideology!

What I personally took from the article is that President Elect Trump seems to have adopted the same style of dealing with world leaders as does Queen Elizabeth of England. Although ‘she’ must never dabble in politics, Mr. Trump seems to be reaching out to world leaders and making very positive and friendly statements to them, recognizing their successes and yet still maintaining his own political stance.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that he is acting like a King who, in the interests of his country, is making friends with his neighbors and concluding peace treaties. Rather than rattling sabres and threatening sanctions, he is just speaking plainly, telling those leaders that they are responsible for their countries as he is for his.

Many Americans can’t abide to hear it, but to many in this world, America is pretty much an aggressive and militaristic country which cannot fathom why so many resist it. Perhaps – just maybe, Mr. President/King Elect Trump has decided that it is about time that America stops acting like an overloaded camel which is just waiting for that final straw to break its back.

Perhaps Mr. Trump has decided that it is better to first care for your own children and your own house, before going out to repair everyone else’s as you try to save the world.

Perhaps, like Good Queen Lilibet, King Trump is going to keep his nose out of other countries politics and concentrate on ensuring quality government in his own.

‘No way Jose! We will MAKE the world democratic whether they like it or not!’

If you can get hold of the original article then do so. It makes for a very interesting read.


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