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Back in September 2016 it was exposed through an FBI document release that President Obama used a pseudonym (an alias) in order to communicate with Hillary Clinton (as Secretary of State) over her non-government, illegal, non-secure, email system. When President Obama refused to disclose his email communications with Hillary on her illegal private system, it became obvious he had engaged in illegal government misconduct. This was a monumental problem that could have President Obama facing serious legal problems. The thought of this reaching to the White House was naturally something that had to be covered-up by the corrupt Obama Administration. But, the only way to prevent the illegal activities from reaching the White House was to also prevent Hillary Clinton from being investigated and indicted.

Enter, James Comey. As Comey publicly laid out an extensive case against Hillary Clinton – he quickly turned 180 degrees and said there was no case! As shocking as Comey’s statement was – in retrospect we see the real reason for this strange action from the FBI Director. It was because Hillary had to be exempted because President Obama was guilty as well. Every time Obama and Hillary communicated over Hillary’s illegal system, it was another violation of U.S. federal law. This could have been at least 22 (known) violations for Obama, and possibly hundreds for Hillary. Today Hillary is blaming Comey, in part, for losing the election but in reality, she should be grateful to him for preventing her indictment. But, even more importantly, Obama should be buying Comey dinner for the rest of his life!

Comey’s action also let a lot of other people off the hook legally. As National Review reporter, Andrew C. McCarthy pointed out, if President Obama was himself illegally emailing with Hillary Clinton, then everyone else who communicated with Hillary via her email system, would also end up with a get-out-of-jail free card. Protecting Obama and Clinton also protected many other individuals as well as certain government agencies.

In other words, ‘the system’ (the swamp) would suppress (or ignore) any damning evidence and refuse to indict President Obama. So, in order to protect Barak Obama, the powers-that-be (DOJ, FBI, USDS, WH) decided it would be best to ignore Hillary Clinton’s breaking of U.S. government laws. As McCarthy pointed out, if the Department of Justice investigated, indicted, and prosecuted Hillary Clinton it would be revealed that President Obama was also involved and complicit in her crimes and he would also have to face justice. Apparently, it was decided, this was just too much for delicate American sensibilities to handle.

“Hillary couldn’t be proven guilty without the president being proven guilty as well.”

We should acknowledge, as far as we know in this instance, that Obama’s illegal reckless behavior was far less than Hillary’s. But, if he was willing to operate against U.S. law to accommodate Hillary’s illegal reckless behavior, what else may he have been doing under the radar; what else might an investigation into Obama’s secret activities expose. (Like, secretly funneling money to Iran).

At what point is it considered a conspiracy in America when the Secretary of State, the President, the FBI Director, and the Department of Justice Attorney General decide to suppress evidence of lawlessness in each of their respective departments (not to mention the IRS)? Do they not all make themselves complicit in a cover-up or miscarriage of justice? In my view there appears to be more than enough evidence to suggest conspiratorial behavior or at least lawless conduct by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and others close to them. If the Department of Justice had not been so blatantly corrupted by Loretta Lynch, we likely would be seeing justice carried out and followed through on each of these government agencies.

Instead we are chasing the ghost of a Trump-Russian conspiracy that has produced no evidence whatsoever. I believe it is merely a straw-man charge by Democrats to keep the focus off of the real government crimes committed by Hillary and the Obama Administration. And it should also be noted that the shameful mainstream press is helping the Democrats cover-up. (Imagine a press cover-up back in Watergate days). Let’s not forget that all Americans were lied to repeatedly by President Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and many of their staffers as well.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is currently running around trying to explain why she lost the election, as if anyone cares. She, of course, blames everybody but her own pitiful, lackluster campaign. So far, it looks as though she is bombing-out in her ‘excuses tour.’ Former President Obama and V.P. Biden are also running around trying to convince everybody that Trump’s win is not a refutation of Obama’s disastrous presidency. Most people don’t seem to be buying their garbage either.

After the election, the Democrat Party revealed itself to be the party of lunacy by taking to the streets and acting like idiots. Furthermore, they appointed a couple of ‘nut jobs’ to head the DNC. This, in and of itself should help the Republicans tremendously in spite of the Republicans daily exercise of shooting themselves in the foot. For the time being, a fragmented Republican party is preferable to Americans than a lunatic Marxist inspired Democratic Party, that appears to be driving off the cliff while firebombing neighborhoods along the way. So, go ahead Democrats, move farther to the left, and keep on taking to the streets and revealing your idiocy for all to see.

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