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The liberals have announced a “crackdown” on what they call “fake news.”

I don’t know how they can do that, in a free society with a First Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech and the right to speak without fear of government intervention. But you can bet they’ll find a way to at least SUGGEST that ALL stories they don’t like are “fake news,” while they, themselves dispense REAL fake news

They’d better be careful. If they set up a system for “prosecuting” fake news, they could become the victim of their own perfidy since they dispense fake news daily, and if somebody has the guts to go after them for it. They will have to be able to PROVE it is fake news if the defense has any guts, at all. One of the primary dispensers of fake news is Obama, himself. He comes out daily with it, and DARES anybody to question it. If they do, he calls them racists.

One obvious example of this is his claim that unemployment is only 4.7% while almost TEN MILLION souls are out of work with no prospects of ever finding a job again, and are thus no longer counted when unemployment figures are tallied. That is how he is able to come up with such an outrageous figure. Another example is his claim that the economy is “going great guns” when everybody knows better, from personal experience.

The entire liberal media is engaged in dispensing fake news, every day. The world has lost so much confidence in their “news” that newspapers all over are failing, The venerable New York Times, which calls itself “the newspaper of record,” and which other major news sources take as gospel is just a pale imitation of its former self because people, knowing they LIE in print, are unsubscribing in droves.

The liberal media lied through their teeth, trying to get Hillary elected president. They published false stories “knocking” Donald Trump, while also publishing other false stories PRAISING Hillary Clinton. They IGNORE stories that don’t support their narrative. They are “in the bag” for the anti-gun fools, publishing stories about their phony “studies” while IGNORING stories about studies that show otherwise.

The point is, they’re the worst offenders when it comes to “fake news,” which gives them nowhere to stand. Their fake news is so obvious, it’s funny. And yet they pretend to have the “high ground” where fake news is concerned. We hope Trump can change things for the better once he is inaugurated. Time will tell. But he can count on the fact that the liberal media will snipe at him every day, lying about what he does, and painting it in the worst light.


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