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The “Useless, Worthless, Lying, Corrupt, Congress makes Crooked Hillary Clinton Look like a “Virgin Priest” when they promised a .03% raise for 2017.

I received my statement today and nothing has changed from 2016 to 2017.

These corrupt self-serving bastards only care about what they can get for themselves, nothing else matters.  They rape we the taxpayers every way they can and refuse to understand and/or comprehend how they are despised in the world of reality.

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They only understand one thing and this is very simple, yet most people are so dumb they still have not figured this out when a preschool child understands this.

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 YOUR CONGRESS PERSON IS JUST AS CORRUPT AND CROOKED AS THE REST OF THEM!!!!  Ask yourself why they make a career job out of an elected job if it wasn’t riches, benefits, women and good whiskey to be had along with tax free benefits they raise money for to be used supposedly for their next campaign.

How does Tax Cheats  Charlie Rangel, John Kerry and others get away with not paying taxes while you can go to jail for the very same fraud????

I ask you to just some serious thought about how they can go to Congress dirt poor or well off and retire with Millions of Dollars and never, ever accomplish a damn thing while in office.  The answer is simple once again.  Their buddies lie and cover up for each other and laugh about how stupid YOU THE VOTERS ARE FOR BELIEVING THEIR PROMISES AND LIES AND WHEN THEY FINALLY COME BACK HOME DUE TO ELECTION TIME, YOU KISS THEIR BUTTS AND BEG TO HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN WITH THEM.

Walter Jones from North Carolina spent 20 years in the NC Legislature and now is on his 22nd year in Congress due to his being elected on his lie about TERM LIMITS THAT HE WAS IN FAVOR OF.  He has a birthday party every year raising money to get sent back……Who is dumb enough to pau him big money for a picture or to have your name on his gold list on his invitation.

 Back to their lies about a 2017 Social Security Raise……..just another lie from them to get your hopes up about helping you.


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Vernon Hill

Have submitted video stories (536) to CNN-IREPORT before they started telling the world total BS. I speak up for the people that are gutless and do not want to be involved with Lying and Corrupt Politicians as THESE IDIOTS WANT TO PROJECT A IMAGE OF BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT TO YOU AND I......hehehe.....


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