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It didn’t take a day for Roseanne to go from making an off-color joke mocking Valerie Jarrett to being the leading “Nazi White Supremacist of the Trump regime.”  Leftist liberal Democrats demonize Trump at every opportunity.  One liberal even went so far as to call Ivanka a “nasty soulless troll” for tweeting a lovely picture of her with her two-year-old son.  To see evil in such a thing one must be looking through the lens of satanism.

Left blames Trump for all racism

The Big Lies continue as liberals claim Trump did what he never did;

  • Trump condoned and endorsed white supremacists.
  • Trump said Nazis are good people.
  • Trump mocked a man for his disability.
  • Trump admitted he’s a serial molester of women.

None of these actually happened.  Liberals say they are on video, but that is their dysfunctional, irrational, and deliberate misinterpretation of reality.  Just as they mock Trump as a reality tv star pretending to be good, they laud Obama for starting his own reality tv show pretending to be an American.  Liberals say Trump promotes white supremacy, which is an outright lie as big as claiming Hitler was a Christian.  Trump has come out and condemned white supremacists and the KKK that Democrats say Republicans created!  Has anyone even asked Obama to condemn the Muslim brotherhood that he funded for their Jihad that created ISIS?

Liberals Imagine Christian Conservatives to be Neo-Nazi KKK

If we were living in Tolkien’s Middle Earth the Democrats would be the orcs, trolls, and goblin men that viciously ravage good people.  Their propaganda is nothing but hate and bile and nastiness.  They attempt to declare themselves to be without sin and don the mantle of righteousness, but they stand naked before the world as the corrupt endorsing perversion.  They call the light darkness and call the darkness their light.  They pretend they are for America as they promote its destruction.  The Amerika they want is not the land of the free and home of the brave, but the land of the freeloader and home of the depraved as they promote socialist perverts who hate God, good people, and all righteous things.

Laura Ingraham is absolutely right when she asks when is the left going to be held to account for their racism, bigotry, and hate?  They’ve already caught themselves in their own morality trap by which they attempted to condemn Trump as a rapist by exposing all the rapists on their side for whom they’ve been providing a façade of righteousness.  That’s all the left has – a façade.  They don’t know morality and reject it every chance they get.  For them to try to beat Christians over the head with their bibles is a world class joke!  Since when does Satan tell us what would Jesus do?  Liberals are lost and becoming more deranged with each passing day.

I don’t fear a liberal uprising beyond riots in Democrat cities where they are allowed to get away with it.  But I do fear for people who are so easily duped into believing the propaganda spewed by leftist pundits that they conduct mass shootings and terror attacks on the innocent.  I am concerned about people being fooled by their propaganda again.  They already got an anti-American Moslem socialist elected to the presidency to conduct its decline for eight long years.  All it would take is one more time giving Democrats power for them to complete the corruption and dissolution of God’s gift to the world of this greatest Christian nation.  But that is the nature of evil – to corrupt and destroy good things.  When it comes to prosperity the liberal socialist’s attitude as one who would rather steal it than work for it is, “If I can’t have it, no one can.”

Trump the True and Righteous Man

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Obamaism vs. Trumpism

[Author’s Note: ABC fires Roseanne for what they call a racist tweet made on her Twitter account in her free time, not during her show or filming, and the left says that is not censorship of freedom of speech.  At the same time, they declare that the NFL cannot fire Kaepernick or punish players for kneeling during the anthem at their place of employment.  They are being paid by their fans on whom they are spitting declaring they are protesting all police as racists because they stop black criminals.  Claiming their free speech is being violated is how two-faced leftists are in their hearts lacking any kind of moral compass or good sense.  These people can exercise their free speech on their own time.  But liberals chose to punish not only Roseanne but the hundreds of people who worked on the show.  This is how fascism works.  Hopefully, some other network will pick up her show and ABC can suck it!]

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