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I recently read an editorial by William Murchison entitled “Weakened Institutions and Values Allow Horror.” It was a very eye-opening read in which I concur 100 percent. Basically, Mr. Murchison states that the institutions of family, religion and education have become so weakened that we are experiencing a collapse of the social order. I take his words as corroborating evidence that without God no good can be accomplished. We have systematically removed God from all facets of public life where the prevailing philosophy espouses freedom of worship rather than freedom of religion and the practice thereof. Since the 1970s and the onset of the Feminist and Sexual revolutions our social landscape has changed dramatically. All of a sudden, single-income households became dual-income households and out-of-wedlock births almost equals the births of married couples.

As a Catholic I see this collapse in tandem with the implementation of Post Vatican II policies. The desire to make Catholicism more mainstream- vernacular liturgies, diminishing and in some instances eliminating Marian and other popular devotions altogether and the overwhelming desire to foster ecumenism caused the Church to lose its grip on the conscience and morality of Western Culture which it helped to create. My focus in this article will be on American Culture as it is my experience and most likely that of my readers. Our American culture is Judeo-Christian in its essence and substance.

The decline in the Catholic Church’s influence left a vacuum in American Culture which has been filled with Secular Humanism. The decline in the Church’s influence also coincided with mainline Protestantism’s decline. All the mainline Protestant Churches have recorded dwindling memberships. The Protestant Churches tried to regain their membership by adopting the cultural beliefs of the age by permitting divorce, and then abortion then euthanasia and now even homosexual marriage. Thereby abrogating their moral leadership. The Evangelical branch of Protestantism however has become the standard bearer of morality in America and supported by the Catholic Church (most of the time). To be pro-Life now means to be anti-woman, to be anti-homosexual marriage means to be homophobic. Christian beliefs have now become anathemas in America these days. As the churches lost their influence and God was removed from public life, our schools were slowly being indoctrinating our children into a secular humanist mindset with a socialist bent. Our culture is so confused at the moment that we argue over how many genders there are, and what bathrooms to use. Silly, idiotic and nonsensical topics! Even “Science” has been kidnapped and used in this war against our Judeo-Christian culture. Using new psychological ideas to promote a society where it is sinless and blameless in its acts of depravity and violence. We have mass shootings in schools and never blame the perpetrator but instead the NRA is to blame. Seriously?? We keep children in school longer than ever before and never allow them the outlet of playing outside. The majority of children are cooped up in school and in after-school programs or tied to organized sports of some kind. And the ones that are left are in their house, probably alone because their parents are working and what do they do? Play video games! You may ask what types of video? I am sure that they involve a lot of killing and fighting. Their only outlet to alleviate any frustration instead of letting it out on the playground. I don’t see children playing outside anymore. I remember when I was a kid that when I got home from school I couldn’t wait to change, go outside and play whiffle ball, street hockey or football. There is no outlet for children anymore and that is why we see these mass shootings. All of these shooters were troubled and left to their own devices! All the signs were ignored because we were depending on government instead of families, churches and schools. We have weakened these institutions through bad law- both legislative and judicial. Science, technology, the government, education and the economy have all combined to create a society of ignorance, intolerance, selfishness and violence. A society which would rather kill than love because a child is considered a burden or a baby with Down Syndrome useless and let’s not forget to mention our “Death with Dignity” crowd where terminally ill and elderly are put down to relieve society of the burden of care for them.

We are in the Last Days my friends! In those days Scripture says: “Wrong will be Right and Right will be wrong! Good will be bad and bad will be good.” But in all this I have hope because I know who wins in the end. Also, we may have turned a corner with the election of President Trump. The most Pro-Life President in history! God Bless America!

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