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As President Trump repeatedly chastises them for publishing fake news, leftist media pundit’s response is that challenging their authority violates the Constitution because, in their minds, they speak the Gospel Truth!

The people who spit on Jesus Christ believe themselves to be perfect human beings.  They believe they, because of their profession, are above reproach as if journalists are incapable of telling lies.  The pundit from “Meet the Press,” F. Chuck Todd tweeted out, “Delegitimizing the press is un-American.”

With one Tweet Chuck Todd reveals ignorance and hypocrisy of MSM

Democrat media have spewed so much bile, distortions, and outright lies at the public about Donald Trump that 70% of people have no faith in the Mainstream Media.  People are opening their eyes to the great lies of liberalism;

  • Climate change is not naturally altered by solar output, but man-made.
  • Illegal immigrants are not invading thieves, but immigrant Americans.
  • Islam is not a death cult of brainwashed slaves, but a religion of peace.
  • The MSM is not propagandists purveying fake news, distorting the truth, and promoting misinformation on behalf of the leftwing socialist Democrats, but the people’s watchdog against political corruption.

The language of the Left has been warped by the media who promote leftist ideology.  They say if the Right does not believe in their definition of climate change then they don’t believe in science!  If the Right doesn’t believe in their definition of immigrant then they are xenophobes.  If the Right does not accept their definition of Islam then they are against God.  If the Right refuses to believe what they are told by the MSM then they reject Truth.

Chuck Todd & Co. believes they are without sin, that anything they say is God’s Truth and cannot be questioned, or at least that’s what they want you to believe.  Those who speak out against their lies are in league with the Devil and must be excommunicated!  The Lamestream Democrat Media is the New Inquisition!

Media clowns think they have constitutional immunity from criticism

This is why I and millions of other Americans have turned to the Internet to find the truth.  I stopped listening to Mainstream Media back in the 1980s when I had matured enough to recognize what became apparent – that the leftwing media did not report facts or truth, but their own version of what they wanted people to believe.  As I watched President Ronald Reagan restore America from the disaster that was the Carter administration, I also watched the MSM do their damnedest to smear and slander everything he said and did.  They constantly referred to the Silent Moral Majority, whom they perceived as witless rubes, believing their own morality was superior to the morals of the masses.  A look at the morality of the Hollywood elites, of whose mores they approve, and a look at the military and “flyover Americans” whose morality they sneer at tells you all you need to know about the morals of the media.

Ronald Reagan’s abolishment of the Democrat’s “Fairness Doctrine” took away their monopoly over the media and the Silent Moral Majority found a voice in Rush Limbaugh and righteous American patriots to be silent no more!  This is why the Left wants to have this reinstated so that the people only hear what they want them to hear.  Liberals are saying Trump criticizing the press is how dictators get started.  FALSE!  Dictators shut down and censor the press which is what Democrats want to do, but they have suffered a critical loss of power in the country as they promoted an American hating racist Moslem to be leader of the free world and he has wreaked havoc on all the peoples of the planet!

With the freedom of the Internet came enlightenment of the people to how the media has been duping them.  As Democrats spew hate and bigotry while slandering Republicans as hateful bigots the truth becomes obvious to those with a moral compass.  The Left wants censorship while the Right wants the facts told by both sides to be exposed and the truth revealed.  There is a fine line between righteousness and immorality and older liberals lack the moral sense and learning to be capable of discerning when they cross it.  When you start believing your own lies then no truth can save you.

Adversarial Free Press or Nasty Democrat Propaganda Machine

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