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“A person is smart.  People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.”

– Agent K, Men in Black

The entire raging raving lunatic Left is screaming to impeach Trump!  With no evidence of wrongdoing, let alone criminal action, looney libs believe the seriousness of their charge that Trump stole the election with Russian help should be enough to nullify the election and make Hillary president by proclamation.  These lunatics are frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs, frenzied sharks smelling blood in the water following Flynn’s resignation, and their hysterics are on exhibition to the world.

Democrat’s frantic to impeach Trump without cause

There are, however, numerous crimes being committed by Obama’s agents planted in the government in every agency doing their utmost to undermine and sabotage the Trump administration.  The Intelligence agencies are all compromised by leftwing Islamists embedded in their ranks by Obama who will do anything to damage and incapacitate the Trump administration.  Leaks of classified information call for a deep counter-insurgency operation to root out the America-haters that want to keep the transformation of America into a Democrat socialist banana republic from being run over by the Trump Train.  It is up to The Donald to crush these traitors to keep them from derailing his agenda to make America great again.

Trump team investigating criminal leaks by Intelligence agencies

Having lost over a thousand seats in government over the last eight years, and now in danger of having their bureaucracy torn apart, one thing is certain – leftists are more dangerous than ever.  Nothing is more dangerous than a cornered animal and the fanatical Left is feeling like the cornered rats that they are.  Now is not the time to allow Republicans to appease them with cheese and let them loose on the nation through “compromise” or “reaching across the aisle.”  Liberal Democrats have corrupted this nation for the last century and Obama’s regime cut deep into American arteries to bleed out the last vestiges of the Founding Constitution.  The Democratic Nazi Communist Party will not surrender without a blood bath.  Their long knives are out to collect more heads from the Trump team until they topple America.

Why impeachment of Trump is a non-starter

Making America Great Again Battling Leftist Corruption

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