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For the last few years the biggest question that no one in the media has been willing to ask has been, “Are the DOJ and FBI politically motivated and possibly corrupt?”

The reason the media has failed to ask the question is debatable; could it be that they’re scared of the truth? Or is the media simply trying to cover up the evil deeds of their left-wing Overlords?

Either way, it’s malpractice. The FBI and DOJ are now viewed negatively by an overwhelming majority of the American public. Most Americans are now dubious of the actions and commentary that flow from our most senior law enforcement officials, and that is BAD for our Democratic Republic.

If the American people can’t trust their legislators or the people who are supposed to be watching them… then they can’t trust the government at all. This lack of trust could lead to political violence if the situation isn’t resolved soon.

That’s why Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) believes that the only course of action is to investigate the DOJ and the FBI for political bias and criminal activity.

Here’s what Senator Graham said:

“There are two questions I think the public deserves an answer to. Did they short-circuit the Clinton e-mail investigation because they wanted her to win? They knew if they charged her she might lose. Did they start the Russian investigation against Trump as an insurance policy in case he did win?

Those are the two questions that I’ll try to get you answers to…

We need a special counsel to look at the potential crimes by the Department of Justice — the FBI — regarding the Clinton e-mail investigation and the Russian investigation against Trump early on.

The point is the Congress, me, not going to the House, we’re going to call them all before the committee. Did they try to invoke the 25th Amendment to take the president down? Did they get a warrant against an American citizen (Carter Page) using information they know was flawed? Did they tank the Clinton e-mail investigation because they were afraid if they indicted her she would lose an election they wanted her to win? You’re going to get answers to that, the best I can give them to you.”

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