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Jeff Sessions needs to resign and do so immediately.

With respect to the unfolding picture of conspiracy and illegal activities by highly placed officials of the Obama administration who colluded to try to prevent Donald J. Trump from being President, Sessions is completely inept. Perhaps even worse, when Trump was victorious over the criminal Hillary R. Clinton, these same conspirators continued their illegal activities by renewing illegal FISA warrants based on a salacious piece of rubbish created out of thin air by Russians in collusion with Christopher Steele, a foreign agent, who was paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to produce the fictitious “dossier” illegally used as “evidence” to fool a FISC judge to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on members of the Trump campaign to justify a false narrative that Trump colluded with Russians to win the presidency!

That Sessions is apparently unaware of the magnitude of corruption right under his nose suggests he is no guardian of the truth for the simple reason he appears oblivious to the truth. Sessions is up to his ears in swamp scum and he doesn’t even know it!

The accusations against Trump are so preposterously senseless, they would be laughable under any other circumstances. But they are tragic because they enable “fake” news agencies to incessantly obsess over these nonsensical Trump collusion narrative and divert attention from the real criminals who colluded to prevent Trump’s election and then to obstruct his administration.

Is Sessions so unaware that he cannot see what is happening or understand the magnitude of the illegal activities in his agency that are occurring right under his nose?.


Frankly, President Trump should on very short notice command the simultaneous appearance of Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller at a White House meeting (no excuses or delays) with the understanding that failure to attend the meeting promptly would be grounds for dismissal. Three highly-respected nationally-know attorneys should be invited to participate in this meeting for the sole purpose of obtaining answers to the questions (below). The attorneys should agree before the meeting which will address the issues to be raised and pointedly ask questions from among the following:

To Sessions: What motivated you to recuse yourself from any involvement in a Special Counsel investigation when you never verified whether there was a legitimate basis to name a Special Counsel under the Department of Justice’s regulations? Are you unaware of the allegations of conflict of interest of both Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. Mueller? If not, why not? If so, why have you stood idly by and taken no action?

To Rosenstein: What specific federal code violation did you allege and what evidence did you use to support that allegation at the time you formed a Special Counsel? Why did you not recuse yourself because of your having signed off on the last renewal of the FISA warrant given you had not verified the principal evidence used to support the FISA application as required by law? Why would you appoint as Special Counsel someone who you knew to be conflicted by his very close long-standing ties to James Comey, a central figure in the original FISA warrant used to illegally unmask members of the Trump 2016 campaign, none of which have been accused of any crime in association with the Trump campaign’s activities leading up to the 2016 election?

To Mueller: Why did you accept the appointment as Special Counsel when you knew you were conflicted by your close association with a central figure, James Comey, to the illegal unmasking of members of the Trump 2016 campaign? Why did you hire only Clinton partisans some of whom have been reprimanded in the past for illegal activities while prosecuting high profile cases, specifically, hiding exculpatory evidence and knowingly sending innocent people to prison? Why are you pursuing an unethical course in your investigation of an unspecified criminal code violation with respect to the 2016 campaign by using storm-trooper tactics that have nothing to do with your primary charge and pursuing entirely unrelated allegations of criminal activity against some people who were associated with the Trump 2016 campaign? What solid evidence of a criminal code violation with respect to President Trump’s 2016 campaign do you possess and what is the specific code alleged to be violated?

None of those questions can be satisfactorily answered.

Rosenstein and Mueller are both highly conflicted in their current positions. Mueller was not legally appointed (no crime, no evidence) and is conflicted because of his associations with Comey, a confirmed liar with neither integrity nor ethics.

Rosenstein is committed to covering up his role as one of the colluders who illegally allowed an unverified piece of garbage produced by a discredited foreign agent via Russians to be used as “evidence” to renew a FISA warrant to spy on members of the Trump campaign. He then illegally appointed a Special Counsel failing to identify a specific criminal code violation for which he certainly couldn’t provide evidence given that no specific criminal code violation was identified!

Rosenstein’s behavior is reprehensible and demonstrates he is dishonorable, has no integrity, and has violated his oath of office. He needs to be relieved of his duties and replaced.

That Sessions apparently claims he cannot see any of that demonstrates a detachment from reality that is remarkable even for a slacker like Sessions.

Since none of those questions can be satisfactorily answered, all three, Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller, should be summarily fired and asked to clean out their things and turn in their IDs by the end of the day.

Immediately following that meeting, and after consultation with the attorneys present, Trump and the attorneys should call a news conference to inform the nation of what actions had just been taken and the reasons why those actions were necessary to begin to rebuild the integrity and ethics of both the Department of Justice and the FBI.

One of the attorneys present at the meeting should be the spokesman and make the announcement of what transpired and why it was necessary under the law to take these actions. It should also be noted by the spokesman that as soon as the new Attorney General (or acting AG) is in place, a Special Counsel will be appointed to investigate the depth and breadth of criminal corruption throughout agencies of the federal government with respect to covering up criminal actions of members of the previous administration, in particular, the actions of the terminated Special Counsel, those of Hillary R. Clinton, those connected with creating and spreading the fake Trump dossier, and all those associated with the illegal FISA warrant and subsequent illegal unmaskings.

After the announcement by the attorney spokesman, President Trump should announce two new policies.

First, severely restricting redactions of documents released under FOIA requests to only those with bonafide national security interests and with severe penalties attaching for any violation of those restrictions.

Second, effective immediately the security clearance of every federal employee or official shall be revoked upon their termination of service or employment. The process for re-establishing security clearances after separation should the individual require a future clearance shall be streamlined so that the process is timely.

In the absence of such a meeting and the consequent firings, Jeff Sessions should make amends to the country by resigning immediately so that someone with sufficient awareness, integrity, and moral compass could take over the helm of the corrupt Department of Justice from this inept non-functioning AG to assure the people that the swamp is being drained of these self-serving partisan hacks who would turn the USA into a third world “banana republic.”

By his own statements, Sessions has disgraced himself and apparently done so without a clue of what he is talking about nor of the criminal activity right under his nose. Sessions is unfit to serve in the Trump administration and must be removed without delay either by his resignation or firing.

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