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My former colleagues on the left were right – giant Corporations are a danger.

Apple, Alphabet (Google/YouTube) and Facebook are the numbers 1, 2 and 6 wealthiest companies of the FORTUNE 500. And they are attempting to take over the internet through censorship, as you probably know (see “Time After Time…” iPatriot 8/17) Whoever controls the internet controls pretty much everything else. Lesser social media are falling in line. Google and Apple have openly aligned themselves with communist China.
Democracy survives only as long as the winners do not obliterate the losers. Rule of the internet is an instrument of obliteration.

The nominal primary target of their censorship is Alex Jones; that’s about $2.2 trillion of combined assets against their version of public enemy number one, assets of about $5 million. In terms of assets, they’ve got Jones outgunned by about 440,000 to 1. A more-or-less even contest. Squish.

But their real target of course is our freedom of speech. From rule 13 of Rules for Radicals: pick the target (freedom of speech), and personalize it – let’s use Alex Jones!

CNN, The New York Times and their colleagues, lap-dogs of the internet giants, epitomize the Nazi press of 1930’s Germany, and Alex Jones is the designated Jew. He is denied access to mass public media and subjected to a stream of dehumanizing lies. This tactic can be attempted because we have a generation that does not know this history. As another iPatriot author has said (sorry, I don’t remember who) “History is not taught, so that it may be repeated.”

Not unpredictably, a de facto alliance of left and right has arisen to oppose the would-be, world-class censors. And new computer communication platforms are being developed. (See blockchain – whatever that is) Perhaps this technology will end-run the censorship. In the meantime…

Such notable liberals as Noam Chomsky, Bill Maher and Jimmy Dore, and Rolling Stone Magazine, have spoken out against internet censorship.

They don’t understand Alex Jones, but they do understand that what goes around comes around. They show themselves to be true classical liberals when it comes to free speech; and seem dismayed by their fellow leftists.

Did the Apple/Google/Facebook triumvirate not see this coming?

Are they unaware of the #Walkaway movement, as traditional Democrats flee the new totalitarian Democrat Party?

Did Apple think that turning iClould over to the Chinese communists was going to play well with the American public?

Did Google think we were going to approve their building a giant censoring search engine for China?

Didn’t they see the worldwide reaction to the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson?

Did they think that President Trump was going to stand by stupidly while they did this?

Do they not think that their actions, rather than winning the mid-term elections for them, are going send people to the polls to vote conservative? Alex Jones has soared in popularity.

The fact that they have ignored these factors strongly suggests that they consider themselves unstoppable, or have another card up their sleeve.

There is a good chance that that other card is a “False Flag.”

The leftist press is making a great show of being “threatened” and “frightened” by President Trump. Something called Reporters Without Borders has criticized President Trump and others for “discrediting the media”, and “berating journalists.” A UN report has warned that President Trump’s rhetoric could result in violence against reporters. The NYT has run an editorial (8/3/18) predicting a right-wing attack on the press under the headline “President Trump will have blood on his hands”. O really… ?

All this sets the stage for a false-flag attack on the media, or some innocent third party, with the blame going to President Trump, Alex Jones et al, who have already been declared guilty. (And if there is some foolish actual attack on journalists, they are poised to exploit it.)

A false flag scenario is more likely with the opposition muted. Its success would be a coup d’etat of lies and deceit; and a stupid and embarrassing way for our country to die. (Interestingly, the Bible says that the anti-Christ will come to power not by conquest, but by guile.)

Fret not. The billionaire censorship triad – Tim Cook of Apple, Larry Page of Google, and Mark Zukerberg of Facebook – is trying mightily to take over the internet, and all that goes with it, with all that implies. Yet there is no victory to be had beyond the end of their noses.

Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh. -Jesus, Matthew 18:7


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