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Sir Isaac Newton held that for every action is an equal and opposite reaction (the Third Law). For every push, there is a pull, for every up, there is a down and so on.
Those of you reading this who are not Christian may struggle with what I am about to say. I only ask that you hear me out and judge for yourselves. Here I go: If Yeshua was indeed the Messiah, and through His actions destroyed all sin, then it would stand to reason that the devil may be upset by this.

His greatest tool, sin, has been effectively destroyed. He cannot undo the accomplishment of Messiah. He cannot un-resurrect the Christ or un-crucify him. So how to proceed?

For years, the Roman Empire and some of the Jewish elders accomplished the task of torturing the Christians and slaughtering them en masse through hungry lions and other cruel public spectacle. But even with their worst devices, they could not stop the spread of the Gospel.

And then along came Constantine (325 AD onward) and much of that ended. So what now?

Enter Mohammed. The interesting thing about this Middle Eastern tradesman is that he was, until his encounter with the “Angel”on Mount Hira’a, a fairly normal and likeable individual. He had several children with his one wife and together they ran a successful trading business in Mecca.
He goes from someone we would be happy to do business with to an individual damning elders and slaughtering whole tribes in order to enact this new “religion.”

He underwent a severe personality change in the matter of a few short years.

Christ and the apostles spread the gospel through self-sacrifice, miracles, and mercy.

Islam was spread by the sword, fear and suffering. Even Aisha, the favorite and youngest of Mohammed’s wives claimed “I have not seen any women suffer as much as the believing women. Look! Her skin is greener than her clothes!”

These philosophies, Christianity and Islam are polar opposite in nature, with polar opposite results. If you doubt me, examine a map. The countries with Christian or Jewish majorities are blessed with wealth, scientific advancement, peace, and greater freedom. The majority Muslim countries are opposite in nature. An exception, of course, is made to the Muslims that follow a skeleton version of Islam, one that adheres more to the Golden Rule and western values than the ones espoused by Mohammed; this is why Isis calls them infidels and goes after them with as much tenacity as they would a non-Muslim (I refer to the terrible burning of the Jordanian Pilot captured by them).

Also, ask the question: Where are all of the Muslim charities, the Muslim adoption agencies? I struggle to find any that make a significant difference with the exception of funding Jihad.

The Christian and Jewish world, by contrast, are flooded with such entities. Americans are by far the most generous people on earth, and 70% of our country identifies with some denomination of Christianity. Even our atheist or agnostic population follows a portion of Christian teachings, whether or not they would like to admit it.

But how are Islam and Christianity equal forces? They are both, by nature “progressive religions.” This means that they actively seek out followers for conversion and often struggle against each other to win over “hearts and minds” though not in the way Former President Bush would have described it. Their means are very different, but the spread of both religions is a tenant important in both faiths; they always pushing against each other. They are equal, though opposite forces.
To formulate a diagnosis, one must look at the symptoms. The symptoms of Christianity are freedom, financial wealth and well-being, and a society that everyone is breaking down the door to get into (United States). The symptoms of Islam are slavery and a society that everyone is desperate to leave. I purpose that the moon god Allah’s religion, Islam, is Lucifer’s equal and opposite reaction to the death of all sin through the sacrifice of Yeshua or Jesus Christ.

The forces are equal and opposite, at least until the end times. Islam is Newton’s Third Law in action, the devil’s pendulum answer to God’s answer for sin. It would seem that even the spiritual world is bound to the laws of physics.

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