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Some things instantly cause me to recognize scams and fakes…

If you look at the comment section for my article ‘About Time Blame Was Put Where it Belongs’ (HIV etc) you will find a supposed ‘testimony’ from a Marcus Roland. He testifies to a Dr. Asein and his remarkable cures for HIV/AIDS, etc. I checked on Marcus Roland, and found that he likes Islamic medicines and the Koran. More importantly, his photo is found on a relevant Facebook page. But, no mention of Dr. Asein!

I dug deeper and found many hundreds of ‘testimonials’ from all kinds of people said to be from around the world… but for differently-named ‘doctors’. All the testimonials were similar, and some used the same wordings. Significantly, they all used syntax commonly found in African English (I have expertise in Forensic Linguistics, amongst other things), so all appear to be either from the same writer or someone using a wide variety of assumed names. Also, those claiming to be from the USA or Britain, all used African syntax.  All this should ring alarm bells, especially as many scams arise from Africa!

The comment from ‘Marcus’, then, appears to be bogus, his photo snatched from Facebook because he has an interest in religious medicines. The institution run by ‘doctor’ Asein is ‘Herbal Home’ at a gmail email address.

But, wait, there is much, much more. With another line of research I found so many sources I had to stop looking. As I say they all used African syntax and terms. I found multiple ‘doctors’, all from the same or similar email and internet addresses, but with different names! Below I give just a few of these names:

Dr Asein, Dr Godsent, Dr Suku, Dr Ogbo, Dr Oraede, Dr Iniboku, Dr Ariba, Dr Camala, Dr Ebosa, Dr Abaka, Dr Aloma, Dr Ofemo, Dr Edeki, Dr Aluda, Dr Ojema, Dr Odi, Dr Ekpiku, Dr Ofemu, Dr Zuma Zuk, Dr Akhere, Dr Sam, Dr Okojie, Dr Adodo, Dr Ehi Dr Pepoko, Dr Umiefan… I think you get the idea!

Their addresses were very similar if not the same – the ‘medical practice’ must be phenomenally huge, maybe the same size staffing as found in a large modern hospital!! Yeah, right.

Addresses also give clues. For example: ‘Love Spell’, ‘Herbal Centre’, the ‘Great Suku Solution’, a lot were of the ‘Spell Temple’, the ‘Spiritual Home’, ‘Solution Home’, ‘Achievers Temple’ or ‘Achievers Herbal Temple’, ‘Sun Spell Home’, ‘Herbal HIV Cure’, and so on. In fact I had to give up because the addresses, though the same or similar, had a staff of hundreds of ‘doctors’! Hm.

But, the best information gives us the biggest clues – just about all of the references were to ‘spell casters’. They can even help restore marriages, bring back ex-lovers, make women pregnant, offer charms, fight bad witchcraft, and so on. The photo I saw of ‘Dr Asein’ was, to my mind, an image of a shaman carrying a shaman’s magic stick. I repeat – just about all these ‘doctors’ were referred to as ‘spell casters’ whose herbal infusions reputedly cure just about everything ordinary medicine cannot cure! Lists of illnesses and conditions are very long, including cancers, HIV and AIDS, and so on. All things that indicate either a scam or the results of witchcraft/shamanism.

This information came after just a few hours research. I have no doubt much more could be revealed if I actually contacted the ‘doctors’ named. If you are tempted because of your own serious or terminal illness, please be careful – that these people are called ‘spell casters’ tells us a great deal about their occult foundations. The same or similar ‘testimonies’ are rife, some websites receiving hundreds of them within hours of each other! I sincerely hope this does not happen to iPatriot and that readers are not tempted to try them out, losing money and becoming spiritually and physically worse as a result!

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