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Is the Establishment Conspiring Against Kelli Ward?

Folks, the GOP establishment fix is in against Dr. Kelli Ward vs Martha McSally in the primary for US Senate Arizona. I cannot believe what I am seeing on TV here in Arizona. Millions of GOP dollars have been spent to deceive Arizona voters into believing fake conservative McSally is the real conservative and brand real conservative Dr. Ward the fake.

Outrageously, a McSally ad claims Dr. Ward has crazy and dangerous ideas. Since the birth of the Tea Party, GOP establishment elites and leftists have been calling us crazy, dangerous and extreme for believing in following our Constitution, putting America first and traditional principles and values.

McSally seems to want to take Dr. Ward’s record of conservatism and claim it as her own.

McSally is the candidate who undermined Trump’s agenda and refused to say whether or not she voted for Hillary. McSally is the one who voted for amnesty.

She maintains an F-rating at the Conservative Review – a score even worse than “Fake” Jeff Flake and John McCain! FreedomWorks gave McSally an “F” rating.

Folks, I’m a Tea Party guy from its beginning; been a speaker and have sung my “American Tea Party Anthem” at over 500 Tea Party rallies nationwide on numerous bus tours – Tea Party Express and other PACs. I know who is and who is not Tea Party – sharing our principles of limited government and following the Constitution. This is why my wife Mary and I are in Arizona with the Conservative Campaign Committee campaigning for Dr. Kelli Ward.

Suddenly, Arizona TV is flooded with McSally ads spreading outrageous lies against Dr. Ward. Despicably, McSally claims Dr. Ward is anti-Trump, supports amnesty and is not a conservative. Unbelievably disgusting.

What is so frustrating is the GOP establishment has deep, deep pockets to dominate the airwaves with lies portraying fake conservative McSally as the conservative in the GOP primary for US Senate Arizona. Meanwhile, Dr Ward is the candidate who has a proven record of fighting for conservatism.

If Dr. Ward is not a conservative, why is she endorsed by prominent conservatives Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin?

Dr. Ward has been endorsed by Gun Owners of America, National Association of Gun Rights and Citizens for Trump.

These national voices on board with Trump’s agenda have endorsed Dr. Kelli Ward

  • US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)
  • US Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ)
  • US Rep Steve King (R-IA)
  • US Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)
  • US Rep Tom Tancredo (R-CO)
  • Ed Rollins, Campaign Manager for Ronald Reagan (1984)
  • Dr Sebastian Gorka, White House Strategist
  • Dick Morris, Political Consultant
  • Major General Bentley Rayburn USAF (retired)

Excited about her helping Trump drain the swamp, these locals endorse Dr. Ward.

  • State Senator Sonny Borrelli
  • State Senator Sylvia Allen
  • State Senator Warren Petersen
  • State Senator Nancy Barto
  • State Senator David Farnsworth
  • State Representative Travis Grantham
  • State Representative Jill Norgaard
  • State Representative Bob Thorpe
  • Russell Pearce, Former Senate President
  • Former State Senator Barbara Leff
  • Former State Senator Al Melvin
  • Cal Sheehy, Vice Mayor of Lake Havasu City
  • Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora
  • Jake Hoffman, Queen Creek City Council
  • Emilena Turley, Vice Mayor of Queen Creek
  • Mohave County Supervisor, Hildy Anguis
  • Mayor of Bullhead City, Tom Brady
  • Phoenix City Councilman, Sal DiCiccio
  • Mayor of Apache Junction, Jeff Serdy

With this extremely impressive long list of endorsements, you can see how outrageous it is for the McSally campaign to claim Dr. Ward is not conservative and does not support Trump. Patriots, we cannot allow McSally and the GOP establishment to get away with their shameful scam against Dr. Ward, Arizona voters, and America.

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team remains here in Arizona, committed to doing everything in our power to get the word out that Dr Kelli Ward is the real-deal conservative in the August 28th, GOP primary; the best candidate for America.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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