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President Trump revoked the security clearance of Obama’s CIA Director Brennan who accuses Trump of treason.  Brennan said he has video proof that Trump is working with Russia against America.  Here is a secret video of Trump enlisting Russia to spy on Hillary during the campaign:

Video proof that Brennan says is Trump traitorously enlisting Russian spies

The entire Democrat meme of Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election is a joke.  The Mueller investigation is a fraud as Democrats conduct a witch-hunt seeking a means by which to destroy Trump and perform a coup to overthrow the rightfully elected government to put Democrats back in power.  What kind of American is John Brennan that he accuses the president of being a traitor in the name of his former master, Obama, who funded the Muslim Brotherhood as he squashed America’s economy?  What kind of American is John Brennan who says Trump is abusing his power while he aided and abetted Obama in weaponizing the government against the citizens?

Brennan voted for communists when he was young, and when he was Obama’s CIA Director he converted to Islam while America is at war with Islam!  Brennan is not exposing Trump after he covered up for Obama.  He is deliberately undermining the President of the United States who is working for the American people to make this country great and recover from the devastation of Obama’s Islamist socialism.  He is willfully and treacherously undermining the president chosen by the people.  This isn’t a case of the pot calling the kettle black but of the snake calling the eagle dirty.

“Brennan is the spearhead of Spygate.” – Dan Bongino, former CIA agent

The Steele Dossier fictions created by a foreign spy paid for by the Hillary campaign was used by Brennan to assist Obama in illegally obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on Trump.  Leftists lie in saying that Republicans paid for this dossier.  What Republicans did that again?  Democrats claim that Putin has dirt on Trump to make him his puppet at the same time as they claim Putin revealed the stories in the dossier to dispose of Trump.  As Rush Limbaugh logically points out, both can’t be true, and Trump’s actions against Russia prove that neither is true.

The vast swamp of Democrat poison that is infused into American government, the media, and culture is the result of a century of corruption by the left.  Leftist ideology is wrong, which is why they must lie, slander the righteous, and use force to inflict it on others.  This is why Christianity, based on love of God, is the antithesis of atheist socialism and Islam which forces people to submit to their god.  (Yes, atheists have a god, too.  It’s called the almighty dollar.)  Leftists corrupt all they touch.  They infiltrated the Christian church to corrupt the people with the self-righteous hate of the Inquisition and created cults rather than congregations.  This is why Christians are called Nazis, because the left always corrupts the righteous, so they can slander and frame them as the evil ones.  There is a fine line separating the vast gulf of good and evil and it is easily blurred by the duplicitous.

Americans stupidly elected a Moslem socialist to rule the country as a dictator.  Obama put his boot on the throat of American business, empowered our enemies, and weaponized the government against the citizenry while enabling invaders and criminals to run amok.  He opened the borders to intruders to steal jobs and spread disease.  Obama is the Godfather of ISIS, funding the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow secular governments in order to re-establish the Caliphate of the Jihad.  For eight years they lauded his inflicting socialism on the greatest Christian nation in history.  The fact that half the country believes Democrats won the last election according to democratic rules is proof of how severely America has been corrupted.

As always, Millennials lead the pack of believers that socialism is benevolent.  It takes a generation of learning before most discover that socialism is akin to satanism and that Satan is not good.  The ignorant, gullible young are indoctrinated into leftist ideology to believe that God is the evil oppressor and Satan is the liberator.  Until they learn that Christ is the Redeemer, and that Satan is the Deceiver they will fall prey to the serpents of fake news.  Democrats slander Trump as being Hitlerian in condemning fake news.  Just because Hitler called the media fake when they reported the truth about Nazis doesn’t mean that Trump is doing the same when he calls the media fake when they are reporting lies about him.

Trump kicking Acosta out of White House briefings each time he acts nasty and tells lies is not the same as banning the free press.  Ocasio-Cortez banned the media from her public events claiming it was to protect immigrants.  Such obvious lies are applauded by the leftist media who don’t report crimes against the citizenry by those in the country illegally.  They conceal terror attacks by Islamists and don’t report crimes by black criminals.  Only when they are shot by white police do they say anything and only then to say the police did it, not in self-defense, but because they are racists.  This is what has led many thugs who made it into professional sports to spit on the nation as racist.  They are not concerned with facts, only with the leftist narratives that Trump is a racist sex offender, both of which have been proven utter lies.

Democrats don’t know one tenth of the truth but have closed their minds to it.  They are the blind lemmings being led over the cliff by the Pied Piper of leftism.  Their eyes and ears are shut with corruption to the point they cannot see where they are going or hear their doom approaching.  Nobody says that Republicans are without sin, but Democrats regularly declare their criminals to be sinless and morally justified in their crimes.  The righteous know the truth that leftists conceal, misconstrue, and conflate.  The left believes America is the evil in the world, not the greatest nation in history that is a beacon of hope and freedom and opportunity.  They would rather wallow with their glass half empty than see the truth.

Overcoming liberal ignorance requires education, which is why it is Millennials will suffer most because they do not heed the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of their elders.  That is why Democrats want the voting age lowered to sixteen when it should be raised to twenty-five!  Only those who are out of the immature culture of school society and in the working world should be voting.  People who would rather be parasites than productive members of society, who want socialism to steal for them rather than work and earn the blessings that come from being American, and who scorn the Christian hearts that forged this greatest of nations, are not patriots.

They believe Americans have stolen wealth from the poor of this nation and others to justify stealing from those who work hardest to succeed.  It isn’t necessary to qualify the fact that there are some greedy rich because it is leftists who become rich through theft and greed that breeds their misconception that only greedy thieves become rich.  What else can one expect when Hollywood puts out movies that glorify criminals and condemn the righteous?  They aren’t happy unless they portray heroes as evil and villains as good.  Pointing out that heroes are only human who can sometimes do wrong, nor does it make villains who sometimes do right into good people.  The lies of Democrats are being exposed and no pandering, equivocating, or slandering of the righteous will save them.

Brennan an “America hero” to the left

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