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Poor Al Gore, he must have slept through all of his science classes in school, Al definitely missed the part about the Earth’s Climate warming thousands of years ago, bringing the Ice Age to an end.   The Earth has been on a warming trend ever since, it’s common knowledge that if you put an ice cube on a sidewalk on a warm day the cube is cold enough to hold its shape for a while, and will melt at an increasingly faster rate as the ice gets thinner.  Like the ice cube, glaciers melt at an exponential rate which depends on how well does that chunk of ice can hold its own cold temperature before melting.

Every year is supposedly hotter than before, sure it is, especially when you skew the data and focus on the heat index instead of the real air temperature, and you stop using deep water ocean sensors and go to the surface temperature readings measured by passing ships.    The wild predictions and pseudo-science forecasting the end of the world due to the rising temperature of the earth is all politically driven.   If you’re lucky enough to have a local news station that shows the daily high and low temperature and post the record historic high and low for the same day will clearly show the temperature fluctuations are normal.

The global warming/climate change issue is a scam, designed to give the United Nations control over all the governments of the world making them the Lord High Leaders of the World.   Our former Dear Leader Obama and his minion John Kerry tried to surrender the sovereignty of the United States to the U.N. during the Obama Administration.  Fortunately, Obama could not do that, he did not have that kind of authority, such an action must be ratified by the U.S. Congress.  Al Gore, Obama, Kerry, and the others are Globalists who are international socialists who want a One World Government run by the United Nations.

Anytime the U.N. is involved, you can count on graft and corruption, tin horn dictators and despots who just dream of the opportunity to loot the U.S. and the total destruction of the United States as a country and as a world power.    Those who push this nonsense of giving control to the United Nations are sell outs who are working against the United States of America and should be treated as such.

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