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What do Islamic Jihadis and Liberal Democrats have in common?  Both believe they can justify murder by blaming their victims.

Leftists believe they have a right to murder Republicans “in self-defense.”  Democrat delusions that Republicans will kill everyone began with LBJ making a video of America being nuked by Goldwater in 1964.  It began in earnest with the passage of civil rights laws permitting Democrats to make welfare voter slaves rather than stopping oppression.  Now it’s about “protecting the planet” from fictional man-made global warming, and protecting their freedom from a fantasy that the election was stolen from them.  Their purpose is to steal the election back, to take power from the righteous, make debt slaves and oppress Republicans, and dominate the good citizens of America.  Fear-mongering through demagoguery inciting hate is the Democrat way that they say is the Republican’s doing.  It takes a dysfunctional mind to believe their reasoning to be right.

Psycho liberal says Democrats should start killing Republicans

WARNING!  Leftist terrorism will only increase

How Hodgkinson got radicalized by the Left

Is it any wonder that leftists have begun a shooting war with the Right when Democrats, from Obama saying bring a gun to a knife fight to Hillary’s VP saying spill Republican’s blood in the streets, have been inflaming their liberal base to hate and violence?  They laud and cheer for Berkeley students rioting and burning books to deny conservatives free speech because their god forbids that people should hear the truth and think for themselves.  Now they applaud and defend the actions of an attempted mass murder of Republican congressmen by one of their most avid supporters.

Top Democrats Lynch and Kaine call for blood fighting Republicans in the streets

Democrat strategist defends his call for liberals to hunt Republicans

Liberals say conservatives shouldn’t be saying that leftist rhetoric incites violence.  Just as they say associating jihadi terrorism with Islam is wrong, pointing out that Democrats are inciting violence is wrong – in their minds.  What is their reasoning by which they come to these dysfunctional conclusions?  Because, they say, conservatives don’t like it when liberals point out how the Right incites violence through their rhetoric causing mass shooting.  As their proof the NYT published a story defending the shooting by reasserting the proven lie that Gabby Gifford’s shooting was incited by Sarah Palin.  As you recall, the Left accused Sarah Palin as inciting the shooting by using rifle scope targets on a map to mark embattled congressional districts.  They claimed that the insane shooter saw this and went out to follow her commands.  In questioning him, interrogators found he had no knowledge of Palin or her website.  She now has a libel suit she can bring against the NYT liberal newspaper of record for maliciously publishing a known lie.  They did the same in Aurora, Colorado when another nutcase shot up a movie theater and they blamed the TEA Party because a member and the shooter had the same nam.  In every case of mass murders over the last decade the Left has blamed the Right when no one on the Right had anything to do with it.  All of the shooters were leftists, liberals, and Democrats – even the insane ones (which is just proof that the Democrat Party attracts nut jobs).

So when liberals say that conservatives committed or incited violence it is always a lie, but when conservatives accuse liberal it is always true!  It is only their moral relativism that is designed to excuse and mask leftist terrorism that gives them justification in their warped minds.  These people lack the moral compass to be able to understand the difference between killing in self-defense and murder.  They see a woman shooting a man trying to rape her as being the same as a man who kills a woman he raped.  Both are murderers in their minds (unless it is themselves doing the shooting and then they believe they are justified in shooting a man because they thought he was thinking about raping them).  This is how dysfunctional, twisted, and warped leftist logic is at all levels.  It’s why they believe an accusation is a good as a conviction and the more people who make an accusation the more it is true despite lack of evidence.  It’s why they so easily for The Big Lie.  The quantum difference between the Left and Right is that with the Left you are guilty until proven innocent rather than innocent until proven guilty.

Media Desperately Tries to Shift Away from Leftist Shooter and onto Flimsy Trump Obstruction Narrative

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, but only through understanding.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In other words, liberals will not learn if you shoot them.  The reason America has gone so wrong is because parents were told by sixties radical leftwing communists to not teach their children morality.  Now they are confused as to why their children are growing up to behave like savages.  Savages never know peace, but like animals they always believe they are justified in their violence.  It takes civilization to teach people to be human beings and cure their insanity.  Throughout history leftists have attacked their neighbors and then claimed self-defense when their victims turned the tables on them.  Islam has been doing this for a thousand years claiming the Crusaders were the aggressors after Islam had ravaged their lands for four centuries.  The righteous must set the example for peace, but if it comes down to it, when the Left attacks we must recognize that in combat there are no points for second place, so carry your guns!

The goal of the Left is to enslave the Right, while the goal of the Right is to enlighten the Left.  Most importantly it must be understood that slaves do not teach their masters so the Left cannot be allowed to rule over the people.  Don’t be afraid of liberal whackos casting you as a demon because you condemn Islam or liberal fascism.  Just understand they’re going to do it anyway.  Their intention is to deceive and distort the thinking of their viewers through their Big Lie campaign.  Don’t be concerned about them looking for sound bites by which to condemn you.  You must be willing to speak the truth to appeal to righteous hearts.  The only way a young person learns to turn away from liberalism is by being exposed to the truth.  The worst thing parents ever do to their children is shielding them from evil so vigorously that when they are faced with it they have developed no defenses of their own.  The power to defeat evil rests in righteous knowledge, while the power to destroy good rests in leftist violence.  Before Nazis and Communists can be taught righteousness they must first be stopped from committing violence.  Only then is it possible to separate the wheat from the chaff and teach those who are willing to be human beings rather than behaving like animals.

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American Fascists – The Liberal Progressive Democrat Socialist Movement

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