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Some time ago I wrote in one of my nationally distributed commentaries that a mighty whirlwind, like a tornado, is coming to our Nation.

On November 5th, 2016, I penned the following: “Make NO mistake, the shaking, the sifting, and the tornado-like swirling in the political and systems of man that have just begun will reveal the diabolical schemes of the enemy that have so totally corrupted this Nation once under God that we now face the consequences of our disobedience to God and His Will for this Nation conceived by His Hand.  In the same manner, the El Roi – the God who oversees All Creation, and the affairs of man (Genesis 16:13) is saying to those who have ears to hear; ‘My Kingdom Shall Reign over all the earth…for I AM The Ancient of Days; Attiq Yomin (Daniel 7:9, 13).’”

The shaking, the whirlwind like a tornado tearing apart every fabric and system of man that has hidden deep, dark, and vile corruption can be seen at the election of Donald Trump.

The political and diabolical power systems of man were turned upside down and inside out, and have since revealed the pervasively seductive schemes of the Globalist Cabal – world wide as well as in the halls of Congress; the whirlwinds revealing elected officials who seriously and grievously abused their power, and traded their sacred trust and duty for immediate rewards and promises of future gain; the tornado-like winds swirling ever so impressively exposing the corrupt and Laodicea atmosphere in the church across our country; the fragile economic conditions being propped up.

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The entertainment industry is but the latest to face the whirlwinds, and like the already mentioned societal dimensions the thick walls of secrecy are toppling revealing a dark and foreboding culture few actually know about.  The recently revealed sordid deeds of Harvey Weinstein are the beginning of revelation with far more still to be announced.  Stand by to learn of coming revelation of a vast pedophile network emanating from Hollywood, and among well known “celebrities.” Stories of cover-ups, of aiding and abetting those engaged in vile desecrations of decency will also come to the forefront.

Mentioned below are some examples of the vile debauchery now beginning to be exposed.

Sound the Shofar for the Ancient of Days is building His Remnant Church across our Land; a church much similar to the one shown in the Book of Acts.

So…choose this day to whom you will listen to and take to heart, the words of man…or God.

Men are complicit in the Harvey Weinstein scandal as enablers and abusers
by Christian Schneider – USA TODAY 

The names in the news are of high voltage female stars. But don’t ignore the deafening silence of the men who knew all along.

Complete documentation …
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Off the hook, think again …
Amazon apologizes to staff for Hollywood sex harassment charges
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There’s an even darker side to the Harvey Weinstein story

O’Keefe Response: NYT Exec Editor Calls Him “despicable,”
Says Veritas Videos, “damaging”

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