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Most people would hide in the closet if they had something to be ashamed of, but power hungry politicians live by a different standard.  In the seeking of power it is imperative to toss your conscience out the window.  You see this over and over again.  Even a criminal conviction has little effect as you can witness from Mayor Barry of Washington D.C.  The cowardly behavior of Ted Kennedy didn’t stop him from continuing a political career in a state where name recognition is more important that responsible personal behavior. There are also such examples from Congressmen who hide money in freezers, dip into the wrong coffers,seduce interns and pander to lobbyists.  The examples of bribery and corruption are rampant and the only diversionary tactic is to point to someone else before they point to you.

We saw what a Clinton White House looked like.  It had the same flavor of the parasitical power mongering when we witnessed the travel debacle , the  attempted health care takeover, the sleazy Monica disgrace and of course ongoing Whitewater, the meaning of is, Susan McDougall and the sneering Tammy Wynette snip that proved to be just what Hillary demonstrated.  She did “ stand by her man “ when she should have jumped off his tarnished coattails and demonstrated some form of moral conviction.  And in this day of needing better and better intelligence we have a person who couldn’t discover straying behavior in a spouse who had a history that indicated ,”he’ll due to watch”.  With such astute awareness as that, a terrorist could walk into the Oval office, sign a treaty and repeat the deception of Japan.

If Hillary could not stand on her own two feet in the face of outright deception and disloyalty what makes any sane person think she would be exempt from Willie’s influence in the White House?  Why would she take a chance on his behavior bringing disgrace to the nation again?  Does her loyalty belong to the nation or that playboy she’s married to?  We know the answer to that.

Another obvious trait that comes across quite clearly is her overbearing lack of personal charisma.  Phoniness is a trait hard to hide.  The voters of New York knew they were electing a carpetbagger and had loyalty to New York only if it suited her purpose of establishing a platform with which to launch a presidential campaign.  She knew she was going to run for President when she ran for New York Senator the second time but she wouldn’t openly admit it.  This is the kind of honesty that we need in the White House.  And the supporters of her chase for the throne biggest cry is , “ Bush lied”!

The philosophy of power hungry politician reveals a past of seeking power whether the ideas being fashionable are true or not.  From a Goldwater girl to an advocate of a government takeover of the health care industry is a small leap for those focused only on political power. Consistency is not a virtue of those who claim to have read “ Atlas Shrugged’ and rejected the ideas it contains because of a “maturity attained”.  I would not call the willingness to overlook infidelity to retain political stature as an aspect of maturity.

I would ask every soldier serving today or who has ever served how comfortable they would feel with Hillary as commander in chief.  Here is a woman who has shown the leadership of someone willing to defer to a playboy. Here is a woman who made $100,000 in the cattle futures market and inexplicably hasn’t dabbled since.  Here is a woman who had missing papers show up in the White House and knew nothing how they got there.  Here was a First Lady who acted tyrannical in her role and hauled off public property when she left. Here is a woman who let four Americans perish in Benghazi.

If the American People are willing to overlook all of this in order to perpetuate a Clinton legacy and live through four or eight more years of the embarrassment only exceeded by the Carter and Obama Administration the land of the free has become the land of gullible and we deserve to be known as harborers of disenchantment. But Americans by and large can see through those who belittle cookie baking , speak with a snotty attitude and want the government to decide what’s best for the person (s) paying the bills.

Hillary said she was for a “cap” on the number of troops in Iraq. Does this mean that if Iran overran Iraq we would be shouldered with the number of troops we currently have on the ground?  This is the kind of short term directives that would put us in an indecisive situation that could only lead to needless chaos and loss.  We do not need this kind of thinking in an executive position.  Hillary has never been the governor of a state or held any position where she and she alone was responsible for her own decisions.  Hiding and cajoling in the Senate hardly qualifies anyone to lead anything.  I offer as proof the debacle of LBJ.  Her tenure as Secretary of State revealed what executive ability she has and it isn’t much.

No Hillary cannot win because she is to obviously enamored with cheering crowds of her own picking.  The Bernie Crowd is in essence anti-Hillary. The Hillary sycophants are the puppets that seek a queen and have no understanding what tyrants do to freedom and liberty. When the dust settles and once again the Move -On crowd finds they are out of sync and have been since the days of McGovern, the fantasy of riding their coattails will fade like an out of favor Clinton staffer.  A person must present a likable personality and this is not evidenced by political lackeys swooning over a future despot they can expect favors from .  Kennedy was more likable that Nixon and this is what won him the presidency.  Eisenhower was more likable ( remember the “I Like Ike “ buttons) than Stevenson and he was elected in a country that had voted in Democratic Presidents over a decade. Likable comes from either promise or reputation.  This Hillary cannot acquire.  Her record is evident and there is not much promise in putting someone with that tarnished past in a position where they can flaunt their whims, “proudly” present their “ Willie’ and demonize opponents.  The Clinton era is over and the election of 2016 will demonstrate with finality what rude behavior begets.


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