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Picking the Nits:

I remember hearing those that held court over George W. and bemoaned his English languages skills and opined that he was not a man to entrust anything to because in their minds scrambled language was somehow indicative of lack of leadership skills. Every once in a while they tried that attack on W again. Things did settle down once the expertise that he attracted to his Cabinet was seen to be very solid indeed. Oh and there were those days when he governed Texas and proved that he could put together a coalition from a broad spectrum of political opinion – something that gets forgotten in the rhetoric of disapproval.

Today we have a man named Trump who built an impressive business empire and failed and failed again as he stumbled his way to billionairehood (my own rendering of the status). One of the mainstays of his rise and fall were the giants of business and politics that would rally around him whether he was ascendent or falling and failing in his efforts. He attracted great people around him. The key quality that was shown time and again? He knows how to listen and then when he has weighed the options, he acts. He may garble the language now and again and stray off topic every now and then but when it gets down to it he has personally done a lot of successful things. A Clinton or a Sanders can tout very little by way of success in government and many expensive and embarrassing and life losing judgement calls that would eliminate any of us who crashed and burned in our efforts as badly. Thank goodness that they could not be fired by the public for their failures in a place like Benghazi. Burned in effigy, derided on radio and television, most certainly but the Obama’s of this world stick to the tried and true method of not kicking your supporters when they are down. But lying to the victims families and continuing to lie after being exposed as a liar is not only awful practice it is down right embarrassing to the nation itself. We look like chumps across the planet. And these goofballs are not only still there but they want positions in higher office and greater trust. Only in the Democratic Party could such nonsense hold sway.

So what about Trump? He would not let our folks die alone on the field of battle. He wouldn’t get outsmarted by Putin and knows how to make a deal such that America would win. I still don’t like the hair or the wandering off topic speechifying but hey thats the system that we have and the stuff the press zeros in on. But the team of Mr. and Mrs. Trump would certainly represent us visually on the worlds stage very well and in the negotiations across the planet Donald would get the best deal for America and boy would he ever attract the best and brightest into his Cabinet. I am sure that Cruz would make the cut as would one or two last names beginning with P who would offset the P from Russia nicely.

In my opinion anyway…


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