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Anyone who tells you that there is a wage gap doesn’t really understand the issue. What is worse than not really understanding an issue is not researching the issue enough to understand it while still stepping up on a soapbox and pontificating for one side or the other, otherwise known as arrogant ignorance. Clearly anyone spouting accolades for “income equality” either don’t understand the issue and won’t research it, or have another motive say communism, in mind.

Sadly there is no income inequality and that is a shame because the truth is women haven’t earned income equality. Just because they managed to dominate some of the jobs men used to hold, doesn’t mean they should be paid as much for doing them.

The position of office secretary used to be a pretty good job when men were doing it. In the story A Christmas Carol the character Bob Cratchit plays the role of Scrooges secretary. Today the position of secretary is composed of almost entirely females and the position has morphed from one of skill to a mostly entry level position. A job more designed for a young lady not a middle aged man. So should today’s 40 hour a work week secretary be paid as much as the man who used to do the job and was able to support a wife and 3 or 4 children on his salary? I think not in part because the job is easier today. A salary is not an entitlement.

But the undeserving women ideal goes a lot deeper than just being equal in effort and talent. For thousands of years men and boys have been the fodder that has protected womanhood. Were it not for those men and boys willing to give their lives to protect womanhood women would be in chains and used as any man saw fit. We are after all much better at effective violence than the weaker sex. For as long as men have walked this earth they have sacrificed themselves and their lives for the benefit of their wives and daughters.

And now you claim to be our equals?

When women claim to be equals of men the only people they are kidding are themselves and each other. They are not. Women are different than men and in many ways women are inferior to men. Yes men can’t give birth and for every man on planet earth I can comfortably say to that “whew”. Man did we dodge a bullet. But when it comes to strength, decision making, and clarity of thought men in general are far superior in these areas.

So you don’t want to live under men and you wanna go your own way huh? Forget the kids and the housewife business? Well that is cool men are moving on to simpler lives, video games and realistic sex dolls. Enjoy providing for and protecting yourselves and good luck with both.

Perhaps it is high time that men provide for themselves. Buy that motorcycle, boat, fancy car, and video game console. If a woman wants something she is fully capable of providing it for herself if she is your equal. If she is equal she has no intrinsic right to a mans fortune. She can pay half the rent and utilities, if she likes jewelry she can buy her own, and if she wants to spend time with a man she can pay for her own half of the food and entertainment and even the hotel room. She can also be on the front line in the same numbers as men for the next war we get ourselves into.

When I worked as a sheet metal layout mechanic in my youth I once got laid off as the company was downsizing due to lack of work. I was by far the best sheet metal layout mechanic they had however I was the only one who wasn’t supporting a wife and kids. At the time I was quite bitter about it although I did appreciate their honesty when they told me why I had to be let go. I was very young. As I matured I came to understand why I had to go and agree with it. My workmates had a much bigger weight to bear than I did and the company I worked for wanted to do the right thing which they did.

Women are not equal to men. Men bear a much bigger weight in life than women do which can be clearly seen just in the percentage of homeless and suicidal men compared to women. Because of the weight they must bear like it or not, men deserve more.

Plus as someone who has hired and fired people, men are just better all around workers.

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