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During World War II, most Soviet Soldiers were conscripted into fighting for the Motherland against the invading Nazi Army. Many soldiers didn’t necessarily wish to fight for Moscow but were nonetheless forced to.

One might say: “Well, what’s so wrong with that? We had the draft during the Vietnam War. Many of our boys weren’t thrilled about being forced to fight. Many would have, and in fact, did stay home to protest the War.

But while both are true, there was a big difference in the way our troops were treated and how the Soviets dealt with their draftees.

Our draftees were treated like any other soldier, while the Soviets treated their conscripts as cannon fodder, actually firing on any soldiers who did not continue to advance, even in the face of a massacre by the Nazis. They called these executioners, barrier troops.

Yet now, on the Gaza Strip, something far more heinous is happening with little to no press coverage by our leftist media.

Gaza is a spit of land that sits on the Mediterranean Sea and borders Egypt to the south and Israel, well, everywhere else. If one Googles Gaza, it states that the small territory is controlled by the Palestinians. But since about 2007, the terror group, Hamas, has had a stranglehold on it and uses the territory to launch rockets haphazardly into Israel.

Hamas has little trouble controlling its “soldiers.” However, the terror gang has begun to encounter problems controlling its civilian population. Protests have begun to break out over how they are treated.

I’m sure we will all be shocked to find that terrorists don’t make the best government leaders.

Rather than listen to the concerns of the protesting civilians, Hamas has evidently decided to just shoot them. Problem solved, right?

Has anyone heard this? Has anyone seen this on the evening news, or covered by CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC – any of the main stream press? No? Gee, I wonder why this is.

As Rod Serling is attributed to have said – “Picture if you will,” a scene where citizens of Israel are protesting treatment at the hands of their government. Soldiers roll in and start gunning them down. Think that scene might garner a bit of attention? You’re darn right it would. It would be on the front page of every newspaper worldwide and would be discussed and roundly condemned, ad nauseum, on every cable show for weeks, as it should. Yet you won’t find it, because the IDF doesn’t shoot its own citizens.

Here in the United States, we don’t have to imagine such a thing, as the dreaded and phony “Kent State massacre,” which occurred in 1970, some 49 years ago, is still occasionally spoken of.

If you wish to know what really happened on that fateful day, you may read an article I wrote in 2011, entitled, “Stupid People Gone Wild.”

I even Googled, “Hamas shoots its own people,” and exactly one response appeared – that of the conservative site, Daily Wire. All other search responses regarded rockets from Israel killing Gaza residents, or, if mentioned at all, that somehow it’s Israel’s fault.

This incident should have spawned international outrage and even a U.N. resolution of condemnation, but as of yet, just crickets.

These terrorist organizations continue to get a pass, for no other reason than the hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism of the left.

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