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Often I see many different people from all parts of the world right here in America.

I’ve spoken to people from different cultures and nationalities. My question to them is usually, “What makes you leave your country and come here?” Everyone have different reason why they decide to leave and migrate here. The most reasons I hear, or responses that were similar is “for a better life.”

My feelings towards this always end in awe. I am an American citizen, born and raised here in New York. My mother is an immigrant coming from Central America. A wonderful place called Honduras.

My mom was the last child of 12 siblings. She was very close to my grand mother. My mom had to leave her family behind, her daughter included, just for a better life. She struggled here as well but was able to maintain herself and also her family back home. She often suffered from being loneliness and being home sick but she had to stick it out. She spoke only Spanish and her native dialect. Living in New York she was forced to learn English to familiarize herself with the American culture. She loved her own but in order to understand what is going on around you you must engage with your environment. She endured a bunch of failed relationships. Left with children to take care of on her own. Still maintained.

This story is the same or even 10x worst and I sit and sometimes complain about how my life is going. When I think of my mom and all the people I have gotten to know after her who has traveled far from home to get here and become established, I dust myself off and keep moving forward. I am an American born immigrant. My mom raised me Honduran American and I am able to live both worlds.

I will elaborate on that on another post. Stay tuned.


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