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Several people from different Muslim countries have posted their critique of Donald Trump today and his position on banning all Muslims entering the country until they are vetted properly.

I’m offended by people from other countries telling us who we are, what we stand for, etc. when they come from these repressive regimes. Quote from Kiram from Egypt: “America is a country of migrants and I’m shocked at Donald Trumps stand on Muslims entering the United States.”

Let’s look at Egypt’s ancient history – it use to be an open place 2000 years ago, but now it’s a closed-minded society and as an American we can’t go there and live in Peace discussing our politics or beliefs because it doesn’t fit in with their closed-minded religious society. We would be killed. So why would I as a US citizen welcome that kind of thinking into my Country so that we have to conform to their way of thinking, bigoted, racist and lacking religious tolerance because we don’t believe in Allah and his teachings. If you want to come here so bad keep your customs in house and your politics in Egypt. You are leaving and coming to the USA because you’re seeking a better life: that’s why I say leave your religion and politics at home and seek to assimilate like all the other “Migrants” before you have and you’ll like us even more. Don’t judge the people of the USA based on your basis and prestige. You don’t let the enemy in. Look what happened to Troy and now the so-called Quest Workers of Europe in the 80’s and now the Syrian Migration. If the Muslims in the world would stop warring in the name of religion, the world would be at peace after the Berlin wall went down. But no, they feel like it’s their time to conquer Europe. Look at the news -everywhere you are it’s war, bombs going off, and hatred of other people who don’t confirm to Islam. No Sister, you need to look within your soul and your race to find the answer and quit blaming the USA and Donald Trump for your warped way of thinking and have the reformation your religion needs to rid it of its radical ideology towards other peoples of the world.

In closing, to all the people in the USA. Islam is not a religion it is a “political movement” that wants to try and take over the world in the name of religion. Which is pretty much like other past tyrants of the world tried to do. Like Hitler, Mao, and Lenin. Beware. Let’s not be so stupid.

Sick of the Stupid


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