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If there’s a bigger CON than global warming active in the world that is not government-begun and run, I don’t know what it is. This con–and it IS a con– has made AlGore, the man who made it popular, a BILLIONAIRE, has now expanded to the point where the federal government has taken it up and is using it to chisel more billions of dollars out of taxpayers “to fight global warming” (or “climate change,” as they now call it, because “global warming” no longer worked, after it was found that the globe WASN’T “warming” and has not been for almost 20 years.

They needed a name for their con that would allow them to attribute ANY weather anomaly to it, cold OR hot. Their projections–and that’s all it is, projections–computer models that SAY there will be an increase in global temperature average over the next 100 years, and it is “human caused.” Neither of which can they prove, and is based on falsified “science,” for the most part, so they simply INSULT people who don’t buy their bulldung. The call them “deniers,” as if denying it is somehow a mental aberration. They’re now even proposing making LAWS to make being a “denier” a crime to be punished.

That’s all they have. There ARE no real facts to support their “flights of fancy.” So they want to SILENCE all opposition, by LAW. One eminent female climate scientist who failed to “buy their BS” recently resigned her position and retired because she could no longer take the abuse the phony “climate scientists” heaped upon her for being a “denier.” Today, any college students who do not buy their BS are similarly abused, and most dare not speak, if they disagree with their phony “science.” They maintain their con by abusing everybody who disagrees with them, even if (especially if) their disagreement is based on REAL science.

For many, it IS a con, and they intend to capitalize on it. For others, it is a “religion,” and, as with other religions, to deny their “dogma” is regarded as heresy (denial) and they wish to eliminate it, lest it “poison” the minds of other reasoning individuals. Recently, one federal legislator proposed making accepting the climate change bullderm a REQUIREMENT for an elected office holder, to them this is what THEY want. Yet people with INTELLIGENCE are ALL “deniers,” but they seem to be outnumbered or an appointee to be “approved.” Never mind what the American people want. What’s wrong with those fools who ACCEPT the “climate change” con. They’re not, but those “believers” have the biggest mouths out there, and can be heard daily preaching their “religion.”


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