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Legendary U.S. Marine Corps officer, General James Mattis, has his work cut out for him! Indeed, unparalleled challenges await President Trump’s Secretary of Defense, which only a great man of the caliber and character of General Mattis could conquer!

Many of these nearly impossible hurdles lurk within the United States Armed Forces. Yes, “We have met the enemy and it is us.” An iron fist is needed to extract decadence and corruption existing, not surprisingly, since the elimination of civics books from American student curriculum.

Patriotic and Constitutional Americans are already awed by this great general, whose favorite philosopher is the stoic Marcus Aurelius. The Roman Emperor Aurelius would have been well acquainted with the world view of the stoic philosopher Epictetus, who proclaimed, “Let not thy passions avenge themselves upon thee!”

This is exactly what happened to the United States Navy during the Viet Nam War. Liberal passions, implanted by Marxist systematic subterfuge, avenged themselves with a vengeance in the United States Navy! The ruling Admiral praised by even California Governor Ronald Reagan, turned out to be a liberal wolf in patriotic sheep’s clothing.

As history now shows in retrospect, the highly overrated Admiral Elmo P. Zumwalt, 19th Chief of Naval Operations, was an unwitting dupe for such as the anti-American Marxist social engineers of the Frankfurt School, patterned after the Marxist Moscow Institute. Zumwalt was popular and praised with his relaxing of standards to accomodate the liberal spirit of the age.

As history reveals five decades later, Zumwalt could have been called Admiral Obama. All that the Marxist Frankfurt School intended for America, with its devastating and ruinous transvaluation of values, was a glorious band wagon Admiral Zumwalt rode upon! USN enlisted men, petty officers and officers, underway in being deceived and destroyed by their Frankfurt School-induced passions, hailed the liberal Admiral Zumwalt!

Thanks to Zumwalt, USN hopsital corps and medical corps wore wigs to disguise their shoulder-length hair, until off-duty hours. Drugs were freely stolen off such as the Camp Pendleton hospital wards. In the summer of 1972, 18 boxes of stolen drugs were found in the Camp Pendleton medical barracks. Over 100 staff were found guilty, but only one received a token punishment, otherwise the entire Camp Pendleton Hospital would have had to close!

The Marxist Frankfurt School strategists were gleeful! But this was only the onset. The Frankfurt School’s Herbert Marcuse advanced the liberal slogan, “Make Love, Not War,” and the USN did just that! Nurses, doctors and enlisted men were freely having sex, at night, in the hospital wards. USN medical staff parties were routine sex orgies. Nurses whose husbands were overseas grabbed the nearest enlisted medical personnel to copulate wth.

The Frankfurt School was victorious! Drugs and sex in the Marxist agenda now permeated the USN! But wait. That’s not all. Satanism and cults, under Zumwalt’s relaxed standards, grew like a cancer in the United States Navy! It was mere cause and effect, as Satanism and the cults implemented habitual drug abuse and sex in rituals and deceptive lifestyles. Zumwalt allowed the Navy to drift into a dangerous swamp…

Yes, the planned Marxist de-Christianizing of the USN was fully underway, culminating in the 21st century with the introduction and acceptance of Marxist de-Christianizing paganism, through behind-the-scenes efforts of the Che Guevara and samesex supporting Unitarian “Church.”

But wait. Wasn’t the Emperor Marcus Aurelius with his stoic philosophy a pagan? Is this not the source of inspiration for General James Mattis? Yes, but there is one colossal difference! There is a gargantuan between the pagan stoicism of Aurelius and that in the 21st-century United States Navy. The USN since the Viet Nam War has routinely allowed the passions of drugs, illicit sex, Satanism and cults, to avenge upon itself in ruinous, shameful and harmful unrestraint.

But now the legendary Marine Corps officer, General James Mattis, disciple of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius and stoicism, will slam down with an iron fist the enforcement to all American Armed Forces, “Let not thy passions avenge themselves upon thee!” And that will be one of the Greatest Commands a rejuvenating American Armed Forces will ever see! Let the transition from Marcuse to Marcus begin! To Make America Great Again!


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