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Perhaps the truest and most sagacious way, for President Vladimir Putin to view President Donald Trump, is in Russian terms!

It appears President Putin may best view President Trump through the genius of M.M. Shcherbatov, 18th-century Russian historian, philosopher, publicist and conservative thinker. By trusting the views of Shcherbakov, President Putin can best trust the views of President Trump.

The Russian Shcherbakov welcomed liberation from the superficiality and vulgarity of Russian Voltaireanism, with its facile scepticism and cheap contempt for religious thought and practice. President Trump, as manifested through his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, welcomes the same liberation from Voltaire-influenced liberalism, as encouraged through the New Deals of FDR and Obama.

The great Russian Shcherbatov was highly influenced by the moralist-determinist philosophy of Baron Holbach. Holbach showed the necessity of a high sense of moral responsibility. As does President Trump, who has repeatedly searched high and low for leaders in Administration “with a strong moral compass.”
Indeed, very much in kindred spirit with the conservative views of Shcherbakov, President Trump’s Administration firmly opposes the Marxist view – promulgated by such as Soros, mutual enemy of Russia and America – which holds that there are no absolutes, no God, no afterlife, and that atheist evolution is mandatory for the existence of Marxism.

Shcherbakov-influencing Holbach also believed each citizen’s role should be allotted a role consonant with his or her talents and in accordance with the general good. And so does President Trump, restoring millions upon millions of jobs to Americans, until now sorely victimized by the Alinsky strategies to de-stabilize and de-nationalize: reducing all to rubble, for the globalist elite to rebuild with draconian global technocracy for their Machiavellian “survival-of-the-fittest” self interests, including population reduction by at least five billion.

Shcherbatov was disillusioned with the “corrupt politics of our age.” Russia was jaded with the crass materialism of the Voltairean outlook, corrupting moral standards away from a simpler and more virtuous way of life. Shcherabatov attacks colonial aggressiveness, just like President Trump attacks the globalist agenda of reducing America (and Russia) to one more colony.

In Shcherbatov’s ideal society, laws are drawn up in accordance with the laws of nature and the dictates of common sense. That is, not by a hijacked and re-defined Rule of Law, made by globalist criminals, which opposes the true Law of Nature. President Trump is in full agreement with this!

Most worthy of note is Shcherbatov’s belief that sovereign power is exercised in comformity with the interest of the nation. This is President Trump’s belief! The interest of the nation and not of internationalism. The interest of We The People and not of the self-serving, de-populating Soros ilk.

President Putin! The blood of Shcherbatov runs hot and powerful in both the veins of yourself and President Trump! President Trump is living proof of the superior breeding and virtuousness of Russia’s Old Nobility as sanctioned by Shcherbatov. The way forward is, truly, the way back! May Shcherbatov’s moral model of the Old Nobility light up the world! As you, President Putin, and you, President Trump, clasp strong, nationalist hands, to defeat the powerful enemies which mutually beset you!


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