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There are many ways to fix an election, and the Democrats know them all. They INVENTED most of them.

One way is to supply the polling places with rigged machines, that will take GOP votes and make them into Democrat votes. Many of them (maybe ALL of them) supplied by a George Soros-connected company. ALL such vote changes benefit the DEMOCRATS—which should tell you something if you are, in any way, intelligent. But even when found, “poo-poo” any thought of vote fraud, and keep the machines in service. They say it is simply bad calibration of THAT machine. I think it is instructive to note that the “election officials” are MOSTLY Democrats.

Another way is for career politicians friendly to a candidate to manipulate things to CREATE more votes for one specific candidate. Terry McAuliffe, who was Hillary’s campaign manager in 2008, then DNC Chairman, now governor of Virginia, PARDONED 60,000 FELONS, returning their voting rights to them, just in time for them to vote Democrat, in appreciation, Republicans did not pardon them. He wanted to pardon 200,000, but the courts stopped that.

So he used his “signature machine” to sign pardons as fast as he could get the paper through the machine, and succeeded in pardoning 60,000, which could be enough to “swing an election” in the direction he desires. Obama has released another few thousand felons to vote in this election. Another way is to allow ILLEGAL aliens in country to vote, and guess who THEY vote for: Hillary, and other Democrats, of course! Another way is to vote, using the names on tombstones in a cemetery. A method the Democrats have been using for years. Voting many times in different districts is another, since in most places, picture ID is NOT REQUIRED to vote. The Democrats have seen to that.

Stuffing ballot boxes is another, and one KNOWN to be used in many elections. Suffice it to say the Democrats know most ways to rig an election. They INVENTED most of them, which is why they win so many elections. But I think they will still be defeated this time, by the sheer NUMBERS of Republican voters that “come out of the woodwork” and vote Republican. They can usually only change the result in elections that are close. This one is not going to be close, and they’re going to LOSE, and lose BIG! I certainly hope I’m right, because if not, it will be the END of freedom, as we know it, in this country. Socialism will reign supreme, and we will be the loser.


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